Neon Green Slushie NS Pods

These 2ml refillable pods are designed for the Aspire Gusto Mini Pod Mod. 

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Aspire Gusto Mini Pods 

These handy pods are specifically designed for use with the Aspire Gusto Mini kit and promise consistently-satisfying nicotine delivery as well as intense flavour and vapour production.

To activate the pod, simply remove it from the outer packaging and gently pull off the two silicone threads located at the base of the pod. You can tap the pod a few times to accelerate the flow of e-liquid from the pod into the atomizer chamber. When you notice the bottom section of the pod fill with e-liquid, let the pod sit for 2-5 minutes to ensure the coil is fully saturated with e-liquid. Then insert the pod into the Aspire Gusto Mini by sliding off the cover of the device to reveal the pod compartment. Push the pod into position until you hear it click into place. The pod should sit snugly in the compartment, so if you notice any rattling try reinserting the pod until it is secure.  

Neon Green Slushie bottles the taste of a classic summertime slushie drink with prominent notes of tangy lime and crushed ice. An exhale of smooth, cool menthol gives this e-liquid an unbelievably refreshing dimension and makes this an ideal choice for all-day vaping. 


2ml Replacement Pods 
Pack of 3 
For use with the Aspire Gusto Mini Pod Mod
20mg Nicotine
Lime & Crushed Ice


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