UD NI200 Pure Nickel Wire

This pure nickel wire is ideal for creating your perfect vaping set-up

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UD NI200 Pure Nickel Wire

Build reliable, high-performance coils for your e-cigarette with UD's pure nickel wire. Nickel wire is designed to be used with box mods capable of controlling coil temperature. Temperature sensing and limiting devices paired with nickel wire can substantially improve the quality of vapour for the best experience possible.

Technical Details:

10m spools
Long lasting 
Nickel Ni-200

What's in the Box:

0.16mm *10m/roll, 34 AWG
0.20mm *10m/roll, 32 AWG
0.25mm *10m/roll, 30 AWG
0.30mm *10m/roll, 28 AWG
0.40mm *10m/roll, 26 AWG

About UD

Manufactured in China by Youde Technology, UD is an industry-leading line of e-cig hardware and accessories that's committed to providing affordable, high-performance products.