The latest addition to the Vinci renaissance, the Voopoo Air may well be a miniature masterpiece

As 2019 was winding down, it looked like it would be another year dominated by the likes of Aspire and SMOK; companies whose products consistently put them at the top of food chain in the vaping world. A David to those Goliaths, Voopoo, another Chinese firm, had impressed with devices like the excellent Baby Drag and Trio, but it was the autumn unveiling of their game-changing pod mod, the Vinci, that truly made us sit up and take notice.

The Voopoo Vinci, alongside its sister devices the Vinci R (simpler interface) and the Vinci X (external battery), was simply a triumph of design, performance and functionality, each quality singing in perfect harmony to deliver a sublime vape in a device that looked achingly swish and utterly modern. Alongside its close rival the Smok RPM40, the Vinci truly heralded the arrival of the compact, powerful and versatile pleasures of the Pod Mod.

Now, with the recent arrival of the Voopoo Vinci AIR, fans of the original might well wonder exactly what this latest addition to the Vinci renaissance brings to the party. Well, if you’re a fan of sleek, powerful, pocket-size marvels, then the Vinci might well be a masterpiece…

What’s in the Box:

VINCI AIR Device x1

VINCI AIR Replacement Pod (2ml x1)

PnP-VM4,0.6Ω x1

PnP-R2,1.0Ω x1

USB Cable x1

User Manual x1

Warranty Card x1

Chip Card x1


Size: 100.9 x 27 x 18mm

Capacity: 2ml

Material: PCTG

Resistance: 0.6Ω(PnP-VM4)


Material: Zinc Alloy

Output Power: 5-30W

Output Voltage: 3.2~4.2V

Resistance: 0.45-3.0

Battery Capacity: 900mAh


Thankfully, the new Voopoo Air barely strays from that now unmistakable Vinci look: all space-age dark good looks and an ergonomic cuboid body that sits in the hand as if the hand were made for it, not the other way around. Aside from the variety of tastefully coloured and patterned panels the Air can come with, the rest of the body is a sleek, seductive gunmetal grey that exudes premium quality.

What the Air offers above all, though, is a lighter, more compact version of the Vinci, at 100mm tall and an even more lightweight 80g. The Air nonetheless feels substantial in the hand, is a pleasure to hold and operate and doesn’t topple easily if stood upright on a desk.

The Mod

Shrinking any device, even a bit, inevitably requires a little sacrifice, and if the Vinci Air makes any compromises it’s probably in the battery. Unlike the original Vinci which housed an internal 1500mAh battery, the spare millimetres and grams shaved off the Air have resulted in a 900mAh battery. That is, however, plenty enough for most vapers who pass by a USB port every other day, and the Vinci Air charges remarkably quickly; from fumes to full throttle in about half an hour.

Like its forebear, the Vinci Air carries the same advanced Gene.AI chipset which bundles together all sorts of useful protections and features under the hood, including short-circuit, overcharge and temperature protections and the super-handy intelligent coil recognition which sets the power output to match the coil you use. We were amazed how little we had to tinker (if at all) with the power setting after inserting a new coil, with the device detecting the sweet spot for power, flavour and vapour without us having to think about it.

At a slightly lower 30w max power output than previous Vincis, the wattage range still more than conforms to the recommended range of whatever coil you choose to use with the Air.

Naturally, the more compact Vinci Air has a more compact LED screen to fit, with simple information such as power output, resistance, puff counter and battery life displayed in pin-sharp black and white.

The + / - buttons have migrated from the front to the side of the device but the Air features the same distinctive round fire button as the Vinci; everything just clicks with a satisfying tactility that is the hallmark of any well-engineered vape device.

The Pod

Narrower than the original Vinci pods to suit the new form factor, the Vinci Air pods are nonetheless every bit as well made and feature the same ultra-comfortable ‘duck-bill’ drip tip design. The silicon seal is perhaps a little easier to manipulate on the 2ml Air pod in order to refill with juice, this time around, and it attaches to the mod with strong magnets as before.

A feature that is pure Vinci is the adjustable airflow that is achieved by attaching the pod one of two ways, each producing a different quality of draw. Insert it one way and you get a restricted DL (direct lung) draw that’s warm, smooth and just the right side of airy. Insert the pod the other way around, however, and you get an immaculate MTL (mouth to lung) draw. With improved side vents, Air is a fitting moniker for this latest version of the Vinci. (Learn more about MTL and DTL vaping here.)

The Coils

Another area where Voopoo are really beginning to truly lead the pack is coils. Specifically, their line of PnP – plug and play- coils which are now compatible with all Vinci devices as well as other Voopoo kits like the Drag Baby and Find Trio. Not only do these coils give Voopoo fans more control over their favourite vape devices, they’re all engineered to exceptionally high standards.

The Vinci Air comes with a 0.6ohm mesh coil (rated for 20-28W) and a 1.0ohm round wire coil (rated for 10-15W). The 0.6ohm coil is best suited for DTL vaping and regular or high-VG e-liquids, while the 1.0ohm coil loves nicotine salts and classic high-PG juices at MTL settings.

Shop for Voopoo PnP Coils HERE


The V in Vinci could easily stand for ‘versatility’, as not only does the Vinci Air let you adjust the airflow in the way you position the pod, or the coil resistance you use to perfect your preferred power level and intensity of flavour, but also allows for two operation modes. You can operate it manually with the fire button or with a simple inhalation. This auto-draw feature, carried over from the original Vincis, arguably works even better with the Vinci Air, with virtually zero condensation building up between the pod and the mod.

Using the packaged 0.6ohm coil gave us a superb DTL vape full of flavour and staggering vapour production that utterly belies the size and power of the device. With the 1.0ohm coil in place, however, this is easily one of the best MTL pod kits we’ve ever come across, providing pristine flavour, an immensely satisfying draw and a note-perfect throat hit.



So, is the Air the best Vinci yet? Well, that really depends on the kind of vape kit you’re after. The Vinci and Vinci R are, it’s fair to say, the gold standard for Pod Mods, while the Vinci X provides extra oomph and the convenience of replacing a 18650 battery on the go. The Vinci Air, though, blends everything great about the Vinci concept – gorgeous, elegant design, versatility, and performance – and squeezes it down into a far more compact device that can still deliver superb flavour and clouds depending on the coils you choose and the airflow you’ve set it to.

Some might even consider it the perfect ‘stealth vape’: the sort of device you can conceal easily in public while taking discreet MTL puffs whenever you require, with little vapour to give you away. That may well be the case, but if you ask us the Vinci Air is far too good looking to keep hidden in a pocket, and is so comfortable and easy to use, ours barely left our hands.

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