Usonicig Rhythm Replacement Ultrasonic Pod

These replacement pods are designed to be used with the Usonicig Rhythm Crossover Kit and can be filled with your choice of 50:50, nic salt or classic e-liquid

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Usonicig Rhythm Crossover Kit Replacement Pods

These convenient replacement pods are designed for use with the Usonicig Rhythm Crossover kit and allow you the freedom to vape your own choice of nic salt, classic or 50:50 e-liquid. 

To replace the pod, gently pull out the old pod and insert the new one in its place. The pod will connect into place via a secure magnetic base and can comfortably house 2ml of e-liquid. 

Technical Details: 

Pod Capacity: 2ml Replacement Pods 

Whats in the Box:

1 x Usonicig Rhythm Ultrasonic Pod

About Usonicig

Usonicig are a pioneering e-cigarette manufacturer based in the bustling industrial district of Shenzen, China. Established in 2014, Usonicig are staunch in their dedication to the research and development of e-cigarette technology with the key goal of providing consumers with an ever-improving vaping experience.

Unsonicig are perhaps most acclaimed for the creation of a revolutionary e-cigarette system which does away with the need for standard coils by utilising high-frequency vibration technology. Usonicig aim to apply this breakthrough technology to a new generation of products, bringing a completely new vaping experience to the e-cig sector.