JUUL Royal Crème Refill Pods

A flavour featuring hints of vanilla, custard and creme brulee

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Royal Creme Refill Pods by JUUL

A smooth and silky blend of fragrant vanilla, sweet custard and indulgent crème brulee flavours. 

Technical Details:

Multipack (4 x 0.7ml Pod)
Available in 18mg 
Each JUUL Pod should provide approximately 200 puffs

About JUUL

JUUL are a refreshingly-unique company with an equally refreshing ethos. Not only are their attentions directed solely to providing an alternative for adult smokers, but they are committed to providing their customers with detailed scientific research so that they can make their own informed decisions regarding vaping – free from the often-aggressive marketing tactics seen with other manufacturers. JUUL’s concern for public health underpins their entire mission, which might help to explain the phenomenal success of their breakthrough product, the JUUL closed pod system. The device is revolutionising the pod market thanks to its simplicity, ease of use, and bold flavours.