Smok Smok Spirals Coil

These Sub-Ohm Coils are designed to be used with the Smok Spirals Tank

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Smok Spirals Coil

The Smok Spirals coils are the perfect companion to your Smok Spiral tank, keeping it in top working order and ensuring you receive the best flavour and vapour production possible.

Available in two resistance options of 0.6 and 0.3ohms, these coils can facilitate both mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vaping. For a tighter, more restricted draw similar to that of a classic cigarette, we recommend opting for the 0.6ohm coil, whilst vapers seeking the kind of open airflow commonly associated with sub ohm vaping would be advised to select the 0.3ohm coil. 


5 x The Smok Spirals Coils 0.6ohms


5 x The Smok Spirals Coils 0.3ohms

Specifications: 0.6ohm Recommended Wattage Range: 18w - 35w / 0.6ohm Optimal Wattage Range: 20w / 0.3ohm Recommended Wattage Range 20w - 45w / 0.3ohms Optimal Wattage Range: 35w

About Smok

Since its inception in 2010, Smok has solidified a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of vape hardware in the world. Here at Vapestore, we’re fully-stocked with all of Smok’s standout products and bestsellers, which combined with our expert knowledge, will instantly enhance the performance of your e-cigarette setup. Browse our extensive collection of Smok starter kits, sub ohm vape kits, all-in-one pod vape kits, and adaptable crossover e-cigs to find the perfect option for your vaping needs. Smok’s consistency in creating innovative, high-performing products has cemented the brand as a firm favourite amongst vapers of all levels, with products such as the 2016 Alien kit setting the precedent for design, shape and the potential capabilities of a dual 18650 mod. Vape hardware companies the world over quickly followed suit, creating a legion of like-minded products mimicking Smok’s design and functionality. None however quite match up to the effortless capabilities of tried and tested Smok hardware, and as such, they continue to be consistent forerunners in an increasingly-competitive industry.