Double Drip Super Berry Sherbet Short Fill E-Liquid 50ml

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Double Drip Super Berry Sherbet E-Liquid. This delicious blend combines a medley of seven juicy berries with a coating of sweet and sugary sherbet for a vape experience that is both fruity and satisfying.

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Super Berry Sherbet 50ml ShortFill E-Liquid Double Drip 

Experience a burst of berry flavour with the Double Drip Super Berry Sherbet E-Liquid. This delectable blend takes a mixture of seven perfectly ripe berries, including a blend of sweet and tangy flavours, and coats them in a generous layer of sweet, sugary sherbet. The result is a vape experience that is bursting with zesty, fruity flavour in every inhale. Whether you're looking for a sweet and tangy all-day vape or a fruity dessert flavour, Super Berry Sherbet by Double Drip E-Liquid is sure to satisfy.

Double Drip Shortfills bring you the ultimate convenience and customization to your vaping experience. Each Double Drip E Liquid 50ml bottle contains premium, nicotine-free E Liquid with 10ml of empty space to add your desired nicotine shot. Create your perfect blend of flavour and nicotine by adding a 10ml nicotine shot, transforming the 50ml into a 60ml 3mg E-Liquid. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to personalise your vape according to your taste.

Once you’ve added your preferred Nicotine Shot, don't forget to shake the contents of the Shortfill bottle thoroughly for a smooth and consistent vape. To cater to different vaping preferences, Double Drip offers a variety of their moreish E-Liquids in a multitude of flavours and styles, including High VG (Sub-Ohm), 50/50 (PG/VG), Nicotine Salts, and Pre-Filled Pods. So whatever your preferred vaping style, Double Drip has got you covered.

If you love this delicious Double Drip Shortfill 50ml, then don’t hesitate to check out their other equally delicious 10ml E-Liquids. With a wide range of flavours available, you’re bound to find a Double Drip Vape juice you’ll love. Go ahead, surprise and delight your taste buds to your favourite Double Drip flavours from their delicious E-Liquid ranges.

Technical Details

50ml E-Liquid  
80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG)
Available in 0mg only.
Suitable for sub-ohm devices only.


About Double Drip

Double Drip Coil Sauce 50ml E-Liquid is a brand that vapers can trust to deliver on both taste and quality. Their dedication to using the finest ingredients, along with their commitment to variety and exceptional flavour, make them a standout in the world of e-liquids. Made in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapour Labs, Double Drip is their moreish range of maximum VG E Liquids designed for great clouds and amazing flavour. The Double Drip range of “coil sauce” is so good, you'll want to double drip again and again! Making them the perfect e-juice to go with any Sub-Ohm setup. 

Double Drip Coil Sauce E-Liquid offers a delicious variety of formulations. So whether you prefer High VG (Sub-Ohm), 50/50 (PG/VG), Nicotine Salts, or Double Drip Vape Prefilled Pods, there's a vape juice that is sure to meet your needs. Their attention to detail is evident in every bottle of e-liquid, which is filled with precision and care to ensure consistency in flavour and quality. Meaning, you can enjoy the same great taste every time you vape.

Looking to enjoy your favourite Double drip Sub Ohm E Liquid flavours without the hassle? Then look no further than the Double Drip Dot Pro. This premium refillable pod vape device is available in the delectable Dot Pro Kit Double Drip Menthol Mist, the Dot Pro Kit Double Drip Original Tobacco and the Dot Pro Kit Double Drip Raspberry Sherbet. Refillable pods can also be found in delicious flavours, such as the moreish Dot Pro Pod Double Drip Cherry Bakewell Prefilled Pods and the Dot Pro Pod Double Drip Super Berry Sherbet Prefilled Pods.  All so discerning vapers like yourself can enjoy your favourite Double Drip vape juice flavours on the go.