The Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

The damaging effect that smoking has on health is no secret. With lung cancer being the most common type of cancer worldwide, and 2 million newly diagnosed cases in 2018 below it is hard to ignore the facts.

But, did you know that smoking can be attributed to a number of less obvious conditions too?

For example, regular usage of cigarettes is likely to increase or develop conditions like anxiety and depression. Whilst cutting down or quitting can seems a daunting prospect, quitting or switching entirely could improve your mood drastically.

Benefits from making the switch
may include:

- Whiter teeth
- Fresher breath
- Breathing easier
- Younger looking skin
- Improved cardiovascular system
- Improved sense of smell and taste
- Better mood and less stress
- Longer life span


Saving you money

Regularly buying cigarettes can also put a hefty dent in your bank account.

According to the NHS, on average the typical smoker could save £250 every month by quitting, that’s £3000 a year. Think of what else you could spend that money on: holidays, finance on a new car, nice clothes, or some of the newest bits of tech.

Making the switch will hurt your wallet much less. Typically, vaping can cost around £20-£30 a month after the initial start-up cost of the kit. That’s could be a saving of £220 per month, or £55 a week!

The NHS has a cost calculator to see how much you’ll be saving per week, per month, and per year by giving up cigarettes.

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