What are the cost comparisons between vaping and smoking traditional cigarettes?

One of the most commonly asked questions about vaping is whether it is cheaper than smoking. If vaping is being used as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, it will work out cheaper.

The average smoker in the UK smokes between 10-20 cigarettes a day and the average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes is around £10.40.


The NHS SmokeFree Calculator has shown that on average most people who quit smoking cigarettes save around £250 a month, which comes to £3,000 a year going up in smoke. The higher end of cigarette consumption amongst heavy smokers in the UK is a pack a day (20 cigarettes), which in total can add up to a whopping average of £3,796 (365 x £10.40) a year!

When it comes to the cost of vaping compared to smoking traditional cigarettes the price tag is a lot smaller. Vaping cost’s around £20-25 a month on e-liquid containing nicotine, which comes at an average yearly total of £240-£300; saving roughly £2700-£2760 a year!


How much does smoking cost and how much can you be saving?


Number of Cigarettes Per DayAvg. Price Per Pack (20 Cigarettes)Weekly SavingMonthly SavingYearly Saving

If you were to take vaping up as a hobby and not just a smoking cessation aid, then you may be investing in various add-ons/extras to personalise your vape set up. However, these purchases are more likely to be one-off purchases that wouldn’t contribute to much to your overall yearly spend on vaping.