Focus On: Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

Focus On: Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

Wednesday 25th October, 2017 | Vaping, E-Cigarette & E-liquid Reviews

Newcomer Cosmic Fog blazed onto the scene with their unique take on popular e-liquid flavours and commitment to sourcing only the best.

Today we're looking at the history behind the brand and shouting out some of its must-try products.

A strong start

Cosmic Fog was founded in California's Orange County with a simple objective: to craft high quality e-liquids with unique flavours that have all been thoroughly tested.

The company is on a mission to raise the bar and make some of the best-quality e-liquids the vaping world has ever seen.

To do this, they think carefully about each and every flavour - each juice is carefully created to be an exciting experience and have the kind of well rounded, balanced flavour that's perfect for an all-day vape.

The company spends an average of seven to ten months creating, tweaking and testing new flavours, bringing together experience from the culinary world and a passion for researching and crafting the best possible blends.

Once the flavours are ready to go, Cosmic Fog's founders test it themselves. They vape each flavour non-stop for weeks to make sure it's blended to perfection and will stand the test of time when you're vaping regularly.

If it's not good enough for them, it's not good enough for the customer, either. It's this level of commitment that has helped Cosmic Fog quickly rise through the ranks and develop a cult following with vapers.

The best of Cosmic Fog

If you're new to Cosmic Fog, there's plenty of delicious flavours to choose from. These e-liquids are designed for an all-day vape, so flavours are delicious but never overpowering.

One of the company's most popular flavours is Chill'd Tobacco, a 70/30 VG/PG blend of peppermint, tobacco and chocolate. Though you might not think those flavours work together, they blend beautifully for a sophisticated e-liquid that's mellow and relaxed.

If you're all about fruit flavours, you're spoiled for choice here. Neon Cream is a blend of orange and raspberry mixed with a tangy hit of lemon & lime and finished with a smooth cream. The Shocker on the other hand is a vibrant and tantalising blend of lemonade, citrus, strawberry, apple and mango.

If you like to keep things sweet, try Milk and Honey - it's a blend of marshmallow, milk and honey that's creamy and delicious.

Two of the brand's most popular flavours are the contrasting Sonrise and Sonset. Sonrise e-liquid distils the vibrant sunny morning: it's passionfruit, kiwi and pineapple.  Sonset is the perfect blend to finish off the day: it's a blend of pear, caramel and crème brulee.

If you want to try the best of the brand, go for our Cosmic Fog e-liquid multi-pack. You can pick and choose your choice of flavours and nicotine strengths and build your very own custom three-pack of Cosmic Fog flavours. 

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