Choosing vape coils: Ceramic coil or standard coil?

Choosing vape coils: Ceramic coil or standard coil?

Wednesday 30th August, 2017 | Vaping Guides

If you want to know the difference between ceramic coils and standard coils for your vape, look no further than our handy guide to this vital part of your vaping kit.

What are ceramic coils?

Ceramic coils have been around for a while now, but they are starting to get more in the forefront of vapers minds as more and more highly regarded manufacturers make them.

The beauty of ceramic coils is that they use that age-old wonder material, ceramic, as their base. Ceramic is extremely hard, with a massively high melting temperature and chemical resistance, making it a perfect material for something that gets as hot as the vape coils on e-cigarettes do.

Ceramic coils are made with microporous ceramic, which allows e-liquid to permeate the hard material. The wire for the coil, and sometimes cotton too, are encased within the ceramic itself. When e-liquid is poured into a tank, it is soaked up by the microporous ceramic quickly, and makes its way to the wire.

When a ceramic coil is heated, it works just as any other vape coils do to transform e-liquid into vapour – only it can do so far more efficiently.

What are the benefits of ceramic coils?

When you use a ceramic coil to vape, you’ll usually find that you can produce the same amount of vapour as usual but on a lower wattage.

Flavour is also bigger on a ceramic coil, and there’s the massive benefit of no dry hit like you get with standard vape coils.

You should also find that there’s no spitting with a ceramic coil, and there’s a far longer lifespan than other vape coils. This can make ceramic coils particularly appealing to people who vape frequently and find that they need to change coils every week or two.

Ceramic coils to try

More and more ceramic coils are being released as companies invest in this latest development in vaping. Some of the biggest and best vape manufacturers now have ceramic coils on the market.

Kanger Replacement Ceramic Coils, from long-established e-cigarette experts Kangertech, are highly reliable and work brilliantly to give huge clouds of vapour, great flavour, and no burnt coil taste. They are made to Kanger’s usual high standards, and are particularly known for the way they evenly vapourize e-liquid. With a suggested wattage of 35-60w and resistance of 0.5ohm, they are compatible with several of Kanger’s popular tanks.

The OBS Ace ceramic coils are made for the powerful OBS Ace tank, and have 0.85omh resistance. They are another long-life ceramic coil, with a focus on keeping e-liquid tasting great when you vape, even if you’ve been using them a while.

The Joyetech MG Ceramic Coils are made to fit perfectly into the awesome Ultimo tank. As well as a long life and great flavour production, they have prominent holes to allow e-liquid easy access to the coil, as well as improved airflow.

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