E-liquid Flavours for Halloween

E-liquid Flavours for Halloween

Sunday 29th October, 2017 | Vaping Guides

Halloween is just around the corner, and though you might be a little too old to don a costume and go trick-or-treating, you can still get in the spirit with our pick of the best e-liquids to suit the season.

Whether you're staying in or heading out, here's some fangtastic flavours just in time for Halloween.

Scarily good treats

Leave the candy for the kids - these e-liquid flavours bottle the sweet taste of your favourite Halloween treats without any of the calories.

First up we've got VGOD's Sourlicious e-liquid. This Max-VG e-liquid is a vibrant burst of sour watermelon candy, that's bright, bold and just the right hint of sweetness.

If you prefer something a little more mellow, give Marshmallow Breeze a spin. You get the sweet and fluffy taste of marshmallow with a subtle hint of mint to finish. The cooling aftertaste gives this otherwise sugary treat a bit of dimension so it never gets too sickly.

For the taste of classic candy sweets, Cosmic Fog's Krypt eliquid is well worth a closer look. If you're a longtime fan of the brand, you might already know this flavour by its former name - Kryptonite. Either way, you get the bold and sweet taste of melon candy that's perfect for Halloween.

Bubblegum is a classic childhood sweet, and if you're feeling nostalgic look no further than this one by Decadent Vapours. It's everything you'd expect from a bubblegum-flavoured e-liquid. It's a sweet and juicy explosion of fruit, finished off with the subtle taste of marzipan for a grown up finish.

If you like chasing childhood flavours, Orange Soda is another one worth sampling. It's a rush of orange flavour and a burst of fizzy bubbles that tastes so close to the original that you'll immediately understand the logic behind the brand's name 'Is It True?!'. 

Flavours to die for

If Halloween is all about horror for you, then these e-liquids fit perfectly to theme.

Devil Teeth is a good place to start. This delicious e-liquid by Nasty Juice is a surprising blend of honeydew melon with a little bite of fresh mint. The sweet start and cooling finish makes it a perfect all-day vape.

Blood Orange is another fittingly named Halloween juice. You get a grown-up spin on classic orange with this blend from Element. It's a perfectly balanced citrus flavour that will remind you more of the sunny Mediterranean than the cold, British winter that's on the way.

There's few more fitting e-liquid makers for Halloween than Vampire Vape. Well named and well made, Vampire Vape has a whole range of delicious flavours to choose from, including Vamp Toes, which is a sweet and twisted berry. Another popular favourite is the brand's signature flavour, Heisenberg: it's a fruity undertone with a cool crystal aftertaste.


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