How to make e-liquid

How to make e-liquid

Friday 6th April, 2018 | Vaping Guides

Thanks to innovations like short fills and nicotine hot shots, mixing your own e-liquids has never been easier and safer to do at home.

With the right ingredients, a little know-how and a good sense of what flavours taste good together, you can make your own e-liquid without hassle.

How to make your own e-liquid

There’s a number of different ways to make your own e-liquid. You can build from scratch using flavourings and the base ingredients PG, VG and nicotine, quick mix your own using existing flavours, or blend the ideal combination using hot shots and short fill e-liquid flavours.

Why mix your own?

There’s truly no shortage of choice when it comes to e-liquids for both sub-ohm and MTL vapers, but even so, mixing custom flavours is still an attractive option for many experienced vapers.

You get the chance for plenty of personalisation and can create mixes that are all your own. Changes in TPD regulation have also introduced rules around how e-liquids are sold – particularly in what quantity they are available. For many committed vapers, mixing their own e-liquids is a way to get exactly what they want. Not to mention it’s an interesting hobby and pastime!

Using hot shots and short fill

Hot shots and short fill e-liquids are new to the market and something most vapers are getting really excited about.

Short fill is a type of bottle. Manufacturers make higher volumes of e-liquid, typically 50ml, but only fill them to about 80% capacity. It’s still a new innovation, but already there are dozens of delicious flavours to choose from – including offerings from Double Drip, Pocket Fuel and Yogi.

Hot shots are the second piece of the puzzle when it comes to short fill e-liquids. Short fills tend to be nicotine-free. By adding a hot shot, you’re able to mix to get the exact concentration of nicotine you like – whether it’s none at all, a small amount, or a higher concentration. By adding a 10ml nicotine shot to a 50ml short fill and mixing, you’ll end up with 60ml of a perfectly blended 3mg e-liquid.

Quick mixes

Hot shots and short fill e-liquid flavours make it easy to instantly create your own e-liquid with a nicotine strength that meets your exact specifications.

But if the perfect blend is more about flavour for you, you can skip adding nicotine altogether and instead focus on how the flavours come together.

When you have two compatible e-liquids, quick mixing is literally as easy as putting two flavours together to suit your tastes.

Before you start, make sure you’re balancing the volume of your bases – it’s easiest if you mix two flavours with the same PG/VG mix and same nicotine strength.

When you’re making a quick mix you also want to ensure the flavours you’re using are both made with quality in mind – when you’re just starting out, mixing two flavours from the same brand is an easy way to ensure your hybrid tastes right.

Vapouriz e-liquids are perfect for this; there’s tons of flavours to choose from to help you create combinations all your own.

Mixing from scratch             

If all that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, the next step is to mix your own e-liquid entirely from scratch. Mixing the perfect blend sounds simple but is a fine art; if you’re going this route, be prepared to do lots of research and invest in the highest quality ingredients you can. 

The concentration of PG and VG will dictate things like throat hit and cloud production, while good quality food-grade flavourings are what will give your e-liquid its signature taste.

¹DISCLAIMER: Anything read in this article is for educational purposes only. Nicotine is a POISON which can cause sickness, blindness and even death if used incorrectly! If you decide to use nicotine in your own mixes you are doing so at your own risk. You are advised to read up fully on how to use it, including wear protive gear, and how to store it away safely to avoid misuse or accidental poisoning.

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