What are Mesh Coils?

As coil technology continues to improve, so does the pleasure vapers get from their juices and e-cig kits. Mesh coils are the latest exciting evolution of one of the fundamental components of vaping and provide some significant advantages over traditional coils.

If you visit Vapestore regularly you’ll have seen that many of the pre-built coils that come with newer kits and sub-ohm tanks are described as ‘Mesh Coils.’ But before we tell you what that means, and what advantages mesh coils provide, lets remind ourselves what coils are in the first place.


A coil can be found in all e-cigarette tanks and has traditionally consisted of a wire wrapped around a wicking material, usually cotton, that’s saturated with e-liquid. An electric current is passed through the wire from the battery – or mod – heating it, which in turn heats up the e-liquid which evaporates as that rich, flavoursome vapour we know and love.


This design has worked great for vape tanks over the years, and still does for many devices, but it is not without its problems. A single coil that uses a single wire wrapped in a spiral design, doesn’t always makes contact with the cotton wick evenly. This can result in hot spots, spitting and congealed pockets of VG – an ingredient of e-liquid. Also, because a large amount of power is required to produce the best clouds and vapour, single coils often wear out quickly making replacing them costly over time.


New mesh coils, however, are made from a thin metallic mesh strip – like a wire net- that allows the current to pass through more evenly, rather than a single length of coiled wire. It’s this simple innovation that solves many of the drawbacks of single coils and provides quite a few benefits for vapers.

Better Flavour, Bigger Clouds

Due to the larger surface area of the metallic mesh, more of the e-liquid is in contact with the heating element which commonly results in improved vapour and flavour production, making for a fantastic smooth and flavourful vape.

Less dry hits

As there is more of the heating element (the mesh) in contact with the wick, this ensures a more even heating of the cotton meaning far less ‘dry hits’ – that is, draws on the tank that don’t inhale enough vapour from the e-liquid and taste burnt instead.

Longer Lasting

Because the electric current passes through the flat metallic mesh more evenly than with round single coils, they tend to take far longer to ‘burn out’, saving money and the time spent replacing them.

More efficient

Batteries love mesh coils as they don’t require as much power to produce the same amount of vapour as you would use with a single coil. So you could use around 50w through a mesh coil and still get the same level of flavour and clouds that you’d get with 80-100w through a single coil. This also helps to extend the life of the coil.


If there’s a disadvantage to mesh coils, it’s that the extra cotton used in their build can soak up e-liquid at a higher rate than it would with a traditional coil, meaning you can find yourself refilling your tank far more often and running low on e-liquid sooner. Most vapers, however, feel that’s a cost that’s easily balanced with the saving made from the longer lifespan of their mesh coils.

Tips for your mesh coil

Always prime a new coil with e-liquid before inserting it into your tank.


Once it’s in the tank and you’ve filled up the rest with e-liquid, leave the coil to sit for about 5-10 minutes before use.


Don’t fire your mod at the recommended wattage range for the first few hits. Start lower, say 40w for a 60-80w recommended coil, and increase the wattage gradually until the coil is broken in and firing at full tilt.

Here at Vapestore we stock all the latest e-cigarette kits, tanks and mods that are compatible with the cutting-edge new mesh coils, as well as the coils themselves in handy multi-packs and mesh wire for hands-on fans of rebuildable coils.

Popcorn Lung and Diacetyl

There are many weird and wonderful myths which, for one reason or another, the vaping community just cannot seem to shake. The most glaring of these myths and mistruths is the idea that vaping causes an unpleasant medical issue known as popcorn lung, which is in fact a moniker given to bronchiolitis obliterans: a condition which damages the small airways in the lungs and causes coughing and shortness of breath.  

What is Popcorn Lung?

The reason that this condition came to be known as popcorn lung is likely due to reports of popcorfactory workers who experienced an ailment known as popcorn lung when exposed to high levels of diacetyl. Because some e-liquids contain diacetyl, the assumption was made that vaping e-liquids could also lead to the affliction. However, very few e-liquids actually use diacetyl and those that do contain far too small of an amount to cause any harm. It should also be noted that traditional tobacco cigarettes also contain diacetyl in significantly higher amounts than what is present in e-liquids.   

What is Diacetyl?

Diacetyl is a by-product of the fermentation process used during the production of dairy products and is generally used in food and drink to give a sweet, buttery flavour. While safe for human consumption, the issue with diacetyl appears to lie with inhaling the substance in extremely large quantities as is experienced when working in a factory which uses diacetyl on an industrial scale.  

In an analysis carried out by CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention), it is explained that “the Food and Drug Administration regulates flavourings based on the safety of the amounts consumed, not the safety of prolonged worker inhalation of high concentrations. The statement goes on to explain that CDC has no evidence to suggest risk for consumers in the preparation and consumption of microwave popcorn.”  

Diacetyl is only found in e-liquid when certain flavourings are used and is not present in the vegetable glycerinepropylene glycol or nicotine base ingredientsTraces of diacetyl are generally only found in custard and pastry flavours to give that warm and comforting buttery exhale, but even so the levels of diacetyl in these liquids is far too minute to have any negative impact on the lungs.

Buying Safe E-Liquid

To be sure you’re only buying safe and reputable e-liquids with no questionable ingredients, you should seek to purchase your juices from manufacturers who create their flavours via an ISO8 clean room, such as the one used right here at Vapouriz HQ.  

Our expert flavourists craft each and every Vapouriz e-liquid in our very own GMP-ready clean rooms using ingredients of the highest possible quality sourced exclusively from the UK, Europe and the USAAmongst our many accolades, Vapouriz Labs proudly received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, which demonstrates our unwavering dedication to creating products of the highest standard.  


Vapouriz e-liquids are made of VG (Vegetable Glycerine), PG (Propylene Glycol), flavouring, nicotine and absolutely nothing else. You can be sure that, when shopping with us, you’ll never receive an e-liquid with a trace of diacetyl – regardless of how safe diacetyl may be.   

How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Coils

Changing the coils of your e-cigarette device can be a bit of a bother. Sometimes fiddly, sometimes messy, the process of coil changing is unfortunately a necessary evil in maintaining the very best performance of your vaping setup and the best flavour payoff of your e-liquids 

Although coils aren’t capable of lasting forever, there are a number of steps you can take to prolong their overall lifespan. Read on to learn the about the various time and money-saving methods which could make all the difference to the longevity of your vape coils.    

Sweet E-Liquids

Sweet e-liquids especially high VG sub ohm e-liquids – contain added sweeteners to give them their succulent flavour profiles and long-lasting aftertaste. However, super-sweet e-liquids are renowned for the extra strain they put on vape coils, causing them to clog up and age more quickly. If you’re a heavy vaper of sweet e-juices and you notice the frequent need to change your coil, try swapping your liquid for a slightly milder alternative such as a fruit or menthol flavour.

Similarly, coloured e-liquids could also contribute to the premature aging of your coils in much the same way as overly-sweet or thick e-liquids. We recommend opting for clear e-liquids where possible, as they are far kinder to your coils and less likely to clog up over time.   

Dry Burning Coils

The act of ‘dry burning’ your coils involves holding down the firing or power button of your e-cigarette device without inhaling on the mouthpiece in order to burn off any e-liquid residue on the coil. Although this helps to improve the flavour of your e-liquid as something of a quick fix, it can in fact cause your coils to age more rapidly by putting added stress on the coil and compromising its structure. Rather than dry burning your coils, try removing them and rinsing under running water for a few minutes before thoroughly drying them with a piece of cloth and blowing on the open end to remove any trapped e-liquid.   

You should also be sure to keep your tank or clearomizer sufficiently topped-up with e-liquid and avoid letting your e-liquid fall below the refill line, as this can also cause your device to dry burn. 

Chain Vaping

Although it can be tempting to vape a particularly delicious e-liquid very often or with deep inhalations, this can also play a part in causing your coils to deteriorate more quickly than usual. Rather than ‘chain vaping’ (inhaling continuously without taking a break between puffs), make sure you leave around 30-seconds between each vape to allow the coil to cool down and sufficiently recover in order to achieve the longest possible performance. 


When it comes to coils, quality really is key. Always avoid purchasing cheap coils from non-reputable vendors and instead opt for the kind of reliable quality found on Vapestore. Our extensive coil collection promises superior, long-lasting performance and – even more importantly – safety.   

Wattage Settings

If your vape kit is set to a particularly high wattage, perhaps to achieve big clouds or intense flavour payoff, you might have noticed that your coils are clocking out much faster than you’d like. Try lowering the wattage / power settings of your e-cigarette and make sure not to exceed the suggested wattage range of your particular device. 

Priming Your Coils

A very important step in prolonging the lifespan of your coils is to ensure you prime them sufficiently before use. To do this, simply saturate the wicking material in e-liquid before inserting them into the tank or clearomizer. Fill you tank with e-liquid as normal and leave to sit for at least 5-minutes before vaping. You can also inhale on the mouthpiece a few times without pressing the power / firing button in order to ensure the wicking material is thoroughly soaked in e-liquid.  

Nicotine Strength

We also recommend using an e-liquid with the correct nicotine strength for your particular needs. If you’re vaping an e-liquid which isn’t satisfying your nicotine cravings, it could lead you to vape far more of the e-liquid than necessary. This excessive use will cause your coils to degrade much faster than usual, so if you feel your current e-liquid isn’t meeting your particular requirements, try moving up to a higher strength.  

What Is Direct To Lung Vaping?

Direct-to-lung vaping, often referred to as DTL vaping, is an inhalation style commonly used with sub ohm e-cigarettes and e-liquids. This is a very different style of inhalation to the ‘mouth-to-lung’ method used when smoking traditional cigarettes and roll-ups and, as such, it can take some getting used to.

Cigarette smokers will be familiar with the approach of first breathing smoke into the mouth and holding it there momentarily before then breathing the smoke down into the lungs. DTL vaping, however, requires the user to breath the vapour straight down into the lungs in a slow and steady fashion without first holding it in the mouth - much the same as simply taking a deep breath. A direct-to-lung drag should last for around three to five seconds, rather than the usual short, sharp drag experienced when smoking traditional tobacco.

Why Use Direct To Lung Vaping?

The reasoning behind this inhalation method is to achieve the thickest possible cloud production and flavour payoff from your e-liquids by filling your lungs to near capacity with vapour. This generates a huge amount of flavour and gives the user the satisfaction of exhaling thick, voluptuous plumes of vapour which is perfect for experiencing and appreciating the various flavour notes within an e-liquid.

Don’t be surprised if your first time direct-to-lung vaping is somewhat of a shock to the lungs, as they’ll likely not be used to holding this amount of foreign matter in them. We recommend starting out with a low-wattage and tight airflow setting on your e-cigarette device to ease you in to what is essentially an acquired skill. With time, your lungs will become used to holding this amount of vapour and any discomfort you might have first experienced will lessen dramatically.

When it comes to nicotine and DTL vaping, it’s probably best to stick to low or 0mg nicotine e-liquids as the higher the nicotine content, the harsher the accompanying ‘throat hit’ will be.  Because sub ohm / DTL vaping is more of a hobbyist practise and a means to exploring amazing e-liquid flavours than a way to quit cigarettes, you might find that a high-nicotine content muddies the various flavour notes within an e-juice and creates a harsh aftertaste.

You should also be aware that because DTL vaping requires you to take a significant amount of vapour into the lungs, you will inevitably experience a far greater nicotine hit which, for some individuals, may not be desirable.

Direct-to-lung vaping is best suited to e-liquids with a high-VG (vegetable glycerine) content, as high-VG e-liquids tend to be smoother on the throat and can therefore be held in the lungs in bigger volumes with minimal irritation.

Double Drip E-Liquid

We recommend opting for an e-liquid with a 70% VG content or higher, such as the ones in our outrageously-flavoursome Double Drip collection. Our Double Drip vape juices are composed of various flavours including fruits, tobaccos, menthols, sweets and desserts, so you’re bound to find something to tantalise your taste buds whilst you cultivate the most colossal clouds conceivable… We’ve got such delectable delights as Raspberry Sherbet with its notes of perfectly-ripe raspberries set against a fizzy sherbet backdrop, the deliciously-icy blend of Crystal Mist with blue raspberry, decadent black cherries and a hint of cool menthol and Sun Drip – bursting with zingy pink grapefruit, sweet tangerines and ripe apricots.


Check out these succulent servings and many more in our sub ohm e-juice collection and grab yourself a tongue-tingling treat to help you perfect the DTL method in the most delicious way imaginable.

Hardware Tips & Tricks

It’s also important to remember that, when it comes to DTL vaping, the style of tank you use needs to be suitable for this particular style of inhalation. You’ll need a reliable sub ohm tank which is compatible with coils that can be used with high-VG e-juices, as using the wrong coil with sub ohm e-liquids can cause the coil to clog up and age prematurely.

It’s also worth picking up a tank with adjustable airflow options so that you can tailor the amount of air flowing through the tank and, in turn, the amount of vapour being produced. The airflow is usually controlled by a dial located at the bottom of the tank which turns to reveal an air slot or individual air holes. Opening the airflow dial will allow more air to flow through the tank, generating thick, warm vapour and with intense flavour. Closing the airflow dial off will restrict the airflow and result in a tighter, cooler draw more reminiscent of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Is DTL Vaping Right For Me?

The main thing to remember is that vaping is all about preference. If you want your vaping experience to mimic your current cigarette habit as closely as possible, then DTL vaping with a sub ohm device might not be the right option for you. If, however, you’re all about chasing massive clouds and achieving unbelievable flavour, then get on over to our sub ohm section where you can find a stunning selection of sub ohm setups ready and waiting to fill your lungs with unrelenting flavour.

What is 50/50 E-Liquid?

The practise of vaping brings with it a lot of technical jargon. From ohms to mech mods, Squonkers to RDAs and every RTA and RDTA in between, the long list of vape-specific language can often be daunting, and even off-putting, for a novice vaper.

This specialised language also extends to e-liquids as more and more variations become available to suit different styles of vaping. Gone are the days when all you had to do is decipher whether you need a classic or a sub ohm juice: now there’s an ever-growing list which includes nic salts, nicotine shots, pre-filled pods, short fills and 50/50. And true to the nature of vaping, it is very likely that these varying formulations will continue to expand in their numbers and natures as vaping itself evolves over time.

At Vapestore we strive to remove any exclusivity from the practise of vaping, instead believing it should be accessible for everyone as a means of smoking cessation and exploring amazing flavours. We want to take some of the headache out of choosing the perfect e-liquid to suit your personal needs and preferences because, beneath all of the complicated language and baffling abbreviations, it’s really quite simple once you know the basics.

If you’re familiar with vaping in any way, you may have heard the expression 50/50 used to describe certain e-liquids. 50/50 e-liquid is called so because it contains a 50% Vegetable Glycerine, 50% Propylene Glycol ratio, which allows for an extremely versatile vaping experience.

These liquids can be used in both classic and sub-ohm devices and are designed to replicate a MTL (mouth-to-lung) hit to emulate a cigarette, whilst also being suitable for DL (direct-lung) inhalation.


Because 50/50 liquids contain an equal blend of each substance, they provide an ideal balance between flavour delivery and vapour production, making them a great starting point for novice vapers. The 50% PG and 50% VG formulation creates a perfect liquid base in which to blend flavouring and nicotine, resulting in a beautiful balance of clouds, nicotine hit and satisfying flavour.

The Vapouriz 50/50 E-Liquid Range

We felt it was important to craft our very own line of 50/50 blend e-liquids because, quite simply, 50/50 gives you more freedom and we’re all about enhancing your experience here at Vapestore.

Whether you keep it discreet with a classic pen-style kit, go big with a box mod or fit somewhere in between, this e-liquid range is the one for you and can offer unbelievable performance when used with pretty much any style of kit.

Our Vapouriz 50/50 range is composed of various flavours including fruits, tobaccos, menthols, sweets and beverages, so you’re bound to find something to suit your individual tastes.

For a satisfying tobacco, try our Vapouriz 50/50 USA Gold blend featuring the deep, robust taste of classic tobacco with a smooth aftertaste.

Those looking for something a bit more minty will enjoy the sub-zero refreshment of Ice Mint with its invigorating burst of fresh menthol and mint leaves.

Fruit fanatics will find themselves salivating at the many options available in our collection, including Apple & Mixed Berries with its appetising notes of orchard-fresh green apples and lush red berries, and Fruit Salad which is bursting with mixed berries and tangy citrus fruits. For something just a little bit sweeter, try Rhubarb and Custard: everyone’s favourite childhood treat, packed with distinctive rhubarb and creamy vanilla custard, or Strawberry Liquorice Sherbet featuring the taste of chewy strawberry laces dusted in fizzy rainbow sherbet.

Vapouriz 50/50 E-Liquid Brand-new Flavours

In response to the monumental success of our Vapouriz 50/50 range, we decided to give our customers more of what they really want by adding fourteen sumptuous new flavours to our collection.

We extended our fruity offerings to include Apple & Blackcurrant, which combines crunchy green apples and tangy blackcurrants on an innovative 50/50 base.

Raspberry & Coconut caters to those who are seeking a fruit blend with a bit of additional tang with its vibrant notes of tart raspberries set against a creamy coconut base.

For a little bit of everything from the fruit bowl, why not give Summer Fruits a try? This colourful concoction is alive with an assortment of ripe mixed fruits, with strawberries, cherries, blackberries and red berries all bustling for your tongue’s attention.

Blackcurrant Squash is sure to delight lovers of fruit and Ribena fanatics everywhere, packed as it is with layer after layer of luscious, ripe blackcurrants for flavour so satisfying, it’s almost thirst-quenching!

You can also find a fantastic selection of menthol and liquorice-infused fruit flavours in our new 50/50 collection, each one providing an extra dimension to long-standing favourite flavours like strawberry, blueberry and blackcurrant. If straight up, mountain-fresh menthol is more your thing, then Cool Menthol is sure to hit the spot. This e-juice is crammed with a mind-blowing medley of pure menthol and fresh mint leaves, providing invigorating refreshment when used with most styles of e-cigarette setup. You can vape this awakening e-juice in your classic, sub ohm or all-in-one pod kit for instant invigoration, or add it to your favourite e-liquid for a refreshing menthol exhale.

Anyway, that’s enough about fruit – let’s talk cake! Help yourself to an extra slice of the Vapouriz 50/50 Cherry Bakewell: a devilishly-delicious e-juice which effortlessly captures the taste of light, fluffy sponge cake slathered with jam, sweet icing and a generous topping of juicy Morello cherries.

Need a coffee accompaniment for your cake? We recommend a rich and robust tank full of Caramel Macchiato or Vanilla Latte for a delicious, fresh-ground vape which is both comforting and uplifting in equal measures.

For connoisseurs of classic cola, the Vapouriz 50/50 range also includes Cola Cooler and Fizzy Cola Bottles. Both of these carbonated concoctions offer a spin on traditional cola, with the ultra-cool Cola Cooler bursting with ripe black cherries and cooling menthol and Fizzy Cola Bottles full of sparking sherbet crystals.

Set yourself free from cravings and from the headache of choosing the right e-liquid for your specific kit with the help of the ultra-versatile, ultra-flavoursome Vapouriz 50/50 range.


However you quit and whatever your kit, you can find the perfect e-juice for your needs and for your e-cig setup here at Vapestore.

Smoking Vs Vaping

In December 2018, Public Health England released a shocking video detailing the results of smoking on the lungs verses the effects of vaping over a one-month time period in an effort to finally lay bare the impact of vaping vs smoking.


To demonstrate their investigation, three bell jars were placed in a controlled environment and filled with clean cotton wool balls.

One bell jar was fitted with a traditional tobacco cigarette at its opening which would be artificially ‘smoked’ through the jar in order to observe its effects on the cotton wool within. The other jar was paired with an e-cigarette device in place of the traditional cigarette, and the third jar contained no interference from foreign matter to act as a controlled condition from which to compare the findings against. This bell jar represents the lungs of someone who has never smoked tobacco cigarettes or used an e-cigarette.

After pulling the equivalent of one month’s worth of smoke, vapour and fresh air through each bell jar, the results were both alarming and undeniable. The jar which observed the effects of traditional tobacco smoke was by far the most affected, with the cotton wool balls saturated in thick, sticky tar which could almost be wrung out from the cotton.

The inside walls of the tobacco-containing jar were also slick with a brown residue and forming on the cotton itself was visible lumps of hardening tar. Taking one of the cotton wool balls and wiping it against a clean sheet of paper left behind a thick trail of brown residue which clung to the paper in much the same way it would cling to your arteries and airways. This effect is known as atherosclerosis and occurs due to the clogging and subsequent narrowing of the arteries when tar is deposited from tobacco smoke, depriving the body of vital blood and oxygen supply.

When compared to the bell jar representing e-cigarette use / vapour inhalation, the results were worlds apart. The e-cigarette model only contained one single cotton wool ball with slight discolouration: the rest of the cotton wool was completely white and free from any sticky residue or build-up of tar. The only residue present in the vaping bell jar was a small amount of moisture which was left behind from the vapour production.

When comparing the results of the tobacco cigarette and the e-cigarette against the bell jar representing clean lungs, it became apparent that the final state of the e-cigarette jar was extremely similar to that of the unaffected lungs.

This reinforces what we already know about the risk of smoking and confirms that the real danger to health lies not with nicotine content but with the tar, carcinogens and the cocktail of lethal chemicals which are present in cigarette smoke but absent from vapourised e-liquid.

So, is vaping better for you than cigarettes?


Look no further than the congealed brown tar saturating the cotton wool balls and inner glass of the bell jar in Public Health England’s video to answer that question…

We believe that this experiment champions the benefits of vaping as a smoking cessation aid as it clearly shows that you can continue to receive nicotine and satisfy your cravings (with a view to gradually weaning yourself off nicotine) without exposing yourself to the plethora of deadly, damaging chemicals and tar made frighteningly apparent in Public Health England’s experiment.


Is vaping healthier than smoking? The evidence is undeniable.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vape Batteries

There are certain battery-preserving measures you can take in order to keep your e-cigarette device running to the very best of its ability and to the full extent of its lifespan.

Read on to learn about the simple yet effective steps to healthier, safer and overall longer-lasting batteries.

Do Not Overcharge The Battery

Many vapers share the common misunderstanding that leaving your battery to charge for hours and hours will allow you to use your device for longer. In fact, overcharging in this manner can be detrimental to the performance and longevity of the battery, so in order to avoid this you should only charge your device until the light on the charging unit indicates that full charge has been reached. When you notice this indication, your battery has reached its maximum voltage charge and does not require further charging.

Avoid Letting Your Batteries Discharge Completely

We recommend that you avoid letting your batteries discharge (drain) completely. However, if this does happen then we advise recharging them as quickly as possible.

When batteries are left fully discharged for extended periods of time their longevity (and sometimes safety) can be compromised.

Regularly Check Your Battery For Damage

Regularly checking your batteries for any signs of damage, age or wear and tear is an important habit to practise for maintaining battery safety. If you notice any imperfections on your battery, we recommend discontinuing use and replacing it as soon as possible.

However, correct storage and care should reduce the chances of damage and lengthen the overall lifespan of your battery.

Turn Your E-Cigarette Device Off After Each Use

Unless your e-cigarette is turned off fully, a certain amount of power will be continuously drained from the battery - even when you are not actively using your e-cigarette. With time, this depletes the battery and reduces its overall lifespan, so make sure that whenever you’re not vaping you power off your e-cigarette device in order to get the best performance from your batteries.

Use Your E-Cigarette Device Regularly

If you do not use your e-cigarette device regularly, your batteries will quickly lose power from under-use in much the same way as any other electrical product. To avoid this, it is important to use your e-cigarette regularly in order to keep it functioning to the best of its ability – even if its only for a short period of time each day.

Vape Battery Safety - Vape Pens

Although most classic Pen-Style E-Cigarette devices are designed with the novice vaper in mind, there are certain precautions which must be taken at all levels of vaping in order to maintain complete user safety. This is especially applicable to battery safety, so to ensure your device is working to the soundest of its abilities we have complied a straightforward guide of helpful hints and tips for your safety and peace of mind.

Do Not Overcharge The Battery

Many users share the common misunderstanding that leaving your battery to charge for hours and hours will allow you to use your device for longer. In fact, overcharging in this manner can be detrimental to the performance and longevity of the battery, so in order to avoid this you should only charge your device until the light on the charging unit turns green. When you notice the green light, your battery has reached its maximum voltage charge and does not require further charging.

Always Use A Reputable Charger Which Is Compatible With Your Device

Most Vape Kits available from Vapestore include a high-quality charging cable, which we strongly recommend using via a computer or laptop rather than a wall plug (more on this later). The charger included in your kit is fully compatible with your battery, and using any other cable will compromise the safety of the charging process.

Never Use Imitation Batteries

Although it might be tempting to buy a cheap replacement battery for a couple of pounds, we strongly advise that you only buy batteries in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. The Vapestore website and in-store staff will outline exactly which battery you should be purchasing for use with your particular device.

Do Not Expose The Battery To Extreme Temperatures

You should always avoid exposing your battery – and e-cigarette device in general – to extreme heat or extreme cold. Always keep your battery out of direct sunlight and never leave it on the dashboard or seat of your car.  Extreme temperatures can disrupt the chemical composition of your batteries and implicates their performance, longevity and safety.

Always Store Your Battery Correctly

As mentioned previously, you should always store your battery at room temperature and avoid leaving it in any location which exposes it to extreme temperatures. You should also be mindful to store your battery upright rather than on its side. If you buy a number of replacement batteries at once, keep them in their original packaging or in a silicone battery case until you are ready to use them. Batteries are also affected by humidity, so if you are in a high-humidity environment or there is a risk of condensation you should aim to store your batteries in a vapour-proof container.

Perhaps the most important factor to bear in mind when storing your batteries is the possibility of electrical conduction. If your battery comes into contact with any kind of metal surface, or indeed with another battery, the risk of heat production is very high and could even lead to a fire. To avoid this, always store your batteries in a specialised battery container (typically plastic or silicone) and ensure there is no contact between the positive and negative terminals of the batteries.

Regularly Check Your Batteries For Damage

Regularly checking your batteries for any signs of damage, age or wear and tear is an important habit to practise for maintaining battery safety. If you notice any imperfections on your battery, we recommend discontinuing use and replacing it as soon as possible. However, correct storage and care should reduce the chances of damage and lengthen the overall lifespan of your battery.

Charge Your Battery Via USB Port Instead Of A Wall Plug

We strongly recommend that you use the USB port on your computer or laptop when charging your device. Charging via a wall plug is likely to overload the battery and produce a current which is too strong for your battery to handle. When charging your battery from a USB port, always use the charging cable supplied with your kit, as this will regulate the correct amount of power and avoid over-straining the battery.

Sub-Ohm Vape Battery Safety

If you’re using a sub ohm device with removable batteries, it is vital that you understand how to use, charge and maintain your batteries safely. This comprehensive guide will help to simplify the often-confusing subject of sub ohm / removable battery care.

Only Use High Quality Batteries In Good Condition

Many 18650 batteries are sold pre-wrapped in a protective covering. Over time, this wrapping can peel and chip – especially if the battery is dropped or damaged in any way. It is vital that you regularly check the overall quality and condition of your batteries and replace them immediately upon noticing any signs of damage or aging. An imperfection in the battery wrapping can cause a short circuit, in which the negative and positive terminals of a battery are connected with a conductor such as metal keys, for example. This creates a high current with a low resistance, and in turn overloads the battery by delivering a high volume of energy in a short time.

Do Not Overcharge Your Batteries

Many e-cigarette users share the common misunderstanding that leaving your batteries to charge for hours and hours will prolong the length of time they are able to power a device. In fact, overcharging in this manner can be detrimental to the performance and longevity of the battery, and in order to avoid this you should only charge in accordance with the voltage of your batteries until you notice the device reach full charge status. This is normally indicated by a light on the device which turns green once the battery is fully charged.

You should also charge your batteries in a location which allows you to monitor the progress of the charging, rather than leaving them unattended or charging overnight. This will help to avoid charging your batteries beyond their safe limit.

Do Not Expose The Battery To Extreme Temperatures

You should always avoid exposing your battery – and e-cigarette device in general – to extreme heat or extreme cold. Always keep your battery out of direct sunlight and never leave it on the dashboard or seat of your car.  Extreme temperatures can disrupt the chemical composition of your batteries and implicates their performance, longevity and safety.

Avoid Letting Your Batteries Discharge Completely

We recommend that you avoid letting your batteries discharge (drain) completely. However, if this does happen then we advise recharging them as quickly as possible. When batteries are left fully discharged for extended periods of time their longevity (and sometimes safety) can be compromised.

Always Use A High-Quality Charging Device

We always recommend using a high-quality charging device from a reputable manufacturer, such as the models listed on our website. This will ensure a safe charging experience and will help to eliminate the risk of overcharging the batteries.

Always Store Your Batteries In A Battery Case

When storing spare batteries or transporting your batteries from one location to another, we strongly recommend that you use a specialised battery case made of plastic or silicone. This will eliminate the possibility of the batteries conducting with one another, or with other metal elements such as keys. Not only will this cause the batteries to drain extremely quickly, but it will also generate heat which could in turn pose a considerable safety risk.

Avoid Exceeding The Battery's Lifespan

It may be beneficial to research the lifespan of your particular batteries in order to avoid using them beyond their recommended number of discharges (discharges refers to the cycle of completely draining and recharging the battery). This can be facilitated by noting down the date you began using your batteries and the number of discharge cycles the batteries have gone through. Check this information against the manufacturers recommendations.

Form A Clear Understanding Of Ohm's Law

When building your own coils for a device, it is extremely important to have a clear understanding of Ohms Law in order to ensure you are operating your device safely at all times. Ohms Law states that electrical current is proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance, which in vaping terms means that the number of ohms your build operates at is directly related to the current the device gives off. It is important to know what your build is asking of your battery, so to determine this bear in mind that the current your build/atomizer requires of your battery is equal to the voltage you are using, divided by the ohms.

For example:

When using a fully charged standard 4.2 volt battery (assume 4 volts to account for voltage drop) with a 0.2ohm build, you can ascertain the amperage of your battery by using this simple formula:

4 (volts) ÷ 0.2 (ohms) = 20 amperage/amps

Therefore, 4 volts of power with a 0.2ohm build equals 20 amps, which is the maximum level at which you should be using your battery. You should never exceed the maximum current of your build, and if your build requires more volts than your battery can deliver you are seriously compromising the safety of your device.

What is Propylene Gylcol?

If you’re familiar with vaping, you’ve probably heard the term ‘PG’ mentioned to describe e-liquid. This abbreviation stands for Propylene Glycol and refers to one of the main substances which forms the base of all e-liquids - the other being Vegetable Glycerin. Both of these liquids are considered extremely safe and non-toxic and by altering the volume of each substance it is possible to achieve different thicknesses, and as such, different vaping experiences.

‘Classic’ e-liquids contain a higher level of PG than VG which helps to create the thin consistency and satisfying ‘throat hit’ often likened to the sensation of smoking. This makes classic liquids the preferred choice for those looking to quit tobacco using a low-wattage Pen-Style Kit.

‘Sub ohm’ liquids, however, have a higher percentage of VG than PG and because VG is a thickening agent, these e-liquids are more suited for high-wattage sub ohm devices which are designed to produce a lot of vapour and very intense flavour.

But what exactly is Propylene Glycol and what are its common uses?

Propylene Glycol is essentially a synthetic liquid additive which is used in food, drink and cosmetic products to provide a number of beneficial effects. PG is odourless and colourless with virtually no distinguishable taste.

PG is able to dissolve certain substances more effectively than water and can retain moisture extremely well. This accounts for the common use of PG in processed food products, as it helps to maintain a stable level of moisture and prevents foods from drying out. Some of the other common uses of PG in consumable and cosmetic products include:


- Acting as an anti-caking agent to prevent foods from sticking together.

- Extending the shelf life of foods by acting as an antioxidant and protecting against deterioration from oxygen exposure.

- Preventing ingredients from separating by acting as an emulsifier.

- Prevents food items from drying out by preserving moisture.

- Adding texture or thickness to food.

- Acting as a carrier substance to dissolve other food additives or nutrients to be used in processing, such as colours, flavours and antioxidants.

- Enhancing the appearance of certain foods or liquids by making them clearer or more vibrant.

PG is also widely used injectable medications and topical creams and ointments which are applied to the skin, as well as in a variety of personal hygiene and cosmetic products.

Propylene Glycol has an extremely low toxicity rating and after extensive testing it has been found to contain no cancer-causing properties and does not negatively impact genetics or the reproductive system. The same cannot be said for tobacco, of course.

Propylene Glycol and Antifreeze

Unfortunately, the practise of vaping is associated with a number of myths which find their roots in misinformation and scaremongering. Because of this, you may have heard some links being made between PG and antifreeze - a liquid typically added to radiator water to lower its freezing point.

This is because Propylene Glycol is often confused with Ethylene Glycol, a highly toxic substance which is unsafe for human consumption and therefore not used in any consumable or medicinal products.

Although Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol are both used in antifreeze due to their low melting points, they are very different substances, and this should not lead to the safety of PG being questioned.