Zovoo Dragbar Disposable Vape

Zovoo, a dynamic sub-brand of Voopoo, brings you the Zovoo Dragbar Z700 SE – a slim, sleek disposable vape with a transparent chamber for easy e-liquid monitoring, ensuring you're never caught off guard. Each device is ready to use from the get-go, with a robust 380mAh battery and 2ml of satisfying nic salt e-liquid. Vape without the hassle; no buttons, no refills, just pure vaping pleasure. Best of all, each Z700 SE comes in a twin pack for double the fun!

For those who need vaping to be as straightforward and portable as possible, the Zovoo Dragbar BF600 is the answer. Tuck this discreet, matchbox-sized device anywhere and enjoy its long-lasting 500mAh battery and enhanced flavour performance courtesy of its advanced coil technology. With Zovoo's cutting-edge disposables, both newcomers and longtime vapers have everything they need for an uncomplicated and enjoyable vape journey.


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