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Experience the next thrilling evolution of disposable vapes with our 2400 Puff Vape range. This new wave of ‘Big Puffs’ vapes represent a huge leap forward in longevity, value, and enjoyment, distinguishing themselves from single-use options. With larger, often rechargeable, batteries and features such as 4 x prefilled 2ml pods per device, they offer an extended and highly customisable vaping experience.

Our collection features ground-breaking products like the IVG 2400 and the SKE Crystal Bar 2400, each designed to deliver an impressive number of puffs without sacrificing flavour or convenience. Whether you prefer single-flavour kits or the variety of a multi-flavour pod system, there's something to cater to every taste. Plus, with the option to purchase separate refill packs of prefilled pods, you have the freedom to stick with your favourites or mix and match as you please.

Ideal for vapers seeking a more sustainable and long-lasting alternative to traditional disposables, 2400 Puff Vapes provide an unmatched combination of performance, value, reusability and satisfaction.


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What is a 2400 puff vape?

A 2400 puff vape is a disposable, often rechargeable, device that offers around 2400 puffs per unit, using a larger battery and multiple prefilled pods to extend its lifespan. This makes these devices a more environmentally friendly option over single-use disposables.

Are 2400 puff vapes illegal?

2400 puff devices are legal in many regions, provided they comply with local vaping regulations like TPD in the EU and UK, which includes limits on e-liquid capacity such as 2ml. We only stock TPD compliant vape products at Vapestore.

How long does 2400 puffs last?

The lifespan of a 2400 puff kit varies depending on usage. For average vapers, it can last significantly longer than standard disposable vapes, offering extended use over days or even weeks. On average, 2400 puff disposable vapes should last you for approximately 3-5 days, depending on your vaping style.

How many packs of cigarettes is a 2400 puff vape equivalent to?

The cigarette equivalent of a 2400 puff vape depends on individual vaping habits. It is estimated to be roughly equivalent to over 100 cigarettes, but this can vary depending upon the user.

Which disposable vape has 2400 puffs?

Popular disposable vapes that offer up to 2400 inhales from one device include the IVG 2400 and the SKE Crystal Bar 2400, which are very popular owing to their extended lifespan and flavour variety.

How do I know when the 2400 puff vape is empty?

You'll know your 2400 puff disposable pod is empty when it stops producing vapour or the flavour becomes weak or burnt-tasting. With these devices, you can switch to the next pod or replace with a refill.

Is the 2400 puff vape rechargeable?

Some 2400 puff vapes are rechargeable, extending their usability beyond the capacity of the prefilled pods. Always check the product description. Many provide a USB-C charging cable in the package, or these can be purchased at Vapestore.

Is the 2400 puff vape suitable for beginners?

Yes, its ease of use and minimal maintenance makes a 2400 puff disposable device suitable for beginners. That practicality also makes it well-suited for more experienced vapers.

Are there any health concerns associated with the 2400 puff vape?

As with all vaping products, it's important to use them responsibly. Excessive use of any vape product can have health implications.

Can I refill the 2400 puff vape with my e-liquid?

No, 2400 vapes come with prefilled pods which are not designed to be refilled with e-liquid.