Vaping Rules

As you strut down the street taking deep inhales on your e-cigarette device, throwing candy-coated clouds into the air with joyful abandon, take a second to consider whether or not you are exercising proper vaping etiquette. Yes, there is such a thing and yes it is extremely important to observe if we’re to keep our beloved hobby / stop-smoking aid from being vilified and unfairly compared to the offensive practise of smoking.

As a general rule, you should never vape in places where it is also forbidden to smoke. This includes such locations as restaurants, bars, cinemas and any spot in which the general public congregates.

Although some pubs do permit vaping indoors, it is always best to check with the staff behind the bar beforehand rather than just assuming that, because it’s not a cigarette, it’s OK. Pubs are still an enclosed space which tend to be occupied by many individuals at once, and some of these individuals might be offended by large clouds of vapour for health or personal reasons, so do your bit to keep vaping in the public’s good graces and always double check.


Similarly, it is also best to keep your clouds away from anywhere where food is being served in case the presence of your vapour, or indeed the smell of it, puts people off their meal (even if your juice is ultra-delicious!).

Even though vaping and smoking are extremely different, you wouldn’t like to passively breathe in someone’s cigarette smoke while you're eating or going about your business in public, so it's not fair to make others inhale your vapour in the same way.


For the same reasons of consideration and common courtesy, you should also avoid vaping when in queues and on public transport as these are confined spaces where your vapour could be offensive to those around you.

When travelling in a car with others, always ask beforehand if the driver or other passengers mind you vaping. If they say its fine, make sure you keep a window open so as not to fumigate your carpooling companions!

Although it can be tempting to ‘stealth vape’ in places where it isn’t permitted, we strongly advise that you resist the urge because, as incognito as you might think you’re being, someone around you is bound to notice.

Worse still, you might even set off a fire alarm and cause some serious public disorder!

When vaping in public it is always advisable to be aware of your surroundings to ensure that you’re not offending anyone with your vapour, especially around children and the elderly.

If you’re a Sub Ohm Vaper you need to be especially vigilant of who’s around you because no one – regardless of age – wants a huge plume of vapour in their face!

As a community, it’s up to us to uphold the reputation of vaping as an entirely different and separate practise from smoking – one that is significantly less offensive to the health and comfort of those around us. We don’t want passers-by having to wave their hands in front of their faces so they can see through our second-hand vapour, or indeed being disrupted in any way by our decision to vape - as so many people already are by smokers.

Because we want vaping to become more widely accepted and not vilified and prohibited in the same way as smoking, we need to exercise careful consideration at all times and cement a name for ourselves as a respectful bunch of non-offensive hobbyists who most certainly aren’t smokers, and shouldn’t be treated as such.