Cloud Chasers & Vape Tricks

Seen some online vids of people performing awesome vape tricks, or been impressed by the clouds in your local vape shop? With time and practice, you too could enter the world of cloud chasing.

Cloud chasing is a serious, and seriously fun, business. It’s a global phenomenon among long term vapers, and not for beginners. It involves using the right kit to make huge vapour clouds when you vape.

What you need

Firstly, you need to be an experienced e-cigarette user to try cloud chasing, and be comfortable with mods. This isn’t something you can do properly with your beginner e-cigarette kit! When you’re just starting out, be a cloud watcher instead, get to know how to build mods, watch vids of techniques, and take your time to enter the cloud chasing world.

Clouds are made with tanks which heat e-liquid at a low resistance. This can make things tough on the battery, so battery safety is pivotal. Cloud chasers never overcharge batteries, don’t let them overheat, and don't leave them unattended when switched on, either. They’re also clued up on Ohm’s Law, and tend to have been vaping for years.

As well as safe batteries, mech mods are a common feature of cloud chasing kit, and most serious chasers will go for a rebuildable drip atomizer or sub-ohm tank. Control over airflow is a must, as is adjustable power.

E-liquids used for cloud chasing tend to be nicotine free, as you want to be able to spend time practising without having to worry about getting too high a dose of nicotine in return! You’ll also find that many cloud chasers like to use a very high or max VG e-liquid, as this gives thick vape clouds, great flavour, and a smoother throat hit.

What you can do

Pro cloud chasers tend not to just show off their skills on the streets, but keep it as something to entertain people with in online videos, e-cigarette shops, parties, and vape competitions.

Serious vapers enter vape competitions – and these are serious things, too. There are several popular cloud chasing competitions, like the World Vaping Championship in America and the World Series of Cloud Chasing in the UK, and these offer up prize money running into the thousands.

As well as entering competitions, some of the best cloud chasers out there are sponsored by e-cigarette brands to make videos of their awesome tricks and clouds.

Best of all, though, cloud chasers get to be part of a fun and inviting global community, and share, discuss and improve their tricks with other like-minded people.