Our 10ml E-Liquid Range

Ah, the iconic 10ml bottle of e-liquid, what would vaping be without it? These bullet-sized bottles of blissful flavour are the go-to e-liquid vessels for the vast majority vapers and offer the most convenient and affordable way to stock up on juices as well as to experiment with new and exciting flavours. At Vapestore, you’ll find thousands of incredible flavours in compact and easy to carry 10ml plastic bottles, from some of the most talented e-liquid makers in the world, such as Dinner Lady, Riot Squad, Vapouriz, and IVG.

10ml e-liquids are available in a variety of forms including intensely flavoursome High-PG, smooth and rich High-VG/Sub-ohm, perfectly balanced 50/50 and super-satisfying Nic Salts. There’s always a fantastic offer on 10ml e-liquids to be found at Vapestore, with unbeatable mix-and-match deals you won’t find anywhere else.


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What Are 10ml E-Liquids?

E-liquids are subject to regulation by the Home Office and the EU’s TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) legislation which stipulate the volume of nicotine in vape products like eliquids and the size and contents of the packaging. Because eliquids that contain nicotine cannot be sold in bottles larger than 10ml, 10ml bottles are the standard for selling e-liquid with nicotine in the UK.

When buying 10ml e-liquids, make sure the bottle displays key information such as ingredients, nicotine volume, ratio of PG to VG, country of manufacture and a nicotine warning.

What types of E-liquid are available in 10ml bottles?

Just about every type of e-liquid can be found in 10ml bottles. All e-liquids come in different ratios of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin), different forms of nicotine – freebase or nicotine salts, and, of course, limitless delicious flavours. 10ml E-liquids generally fall into four categories.

High PG E-Liquid

When it comes to eliquids, PG (propylene glycol) is considered the best carrier for flavour and provides a tactile throat hit that mimics traditional cigarettes, making high-PG juices a great entry point for newer vapers who have recently switched from smoking. Eliquids with a higher PG to VG ratio tend to be of a thinner consistency and are ideal for vape pens, classic or starter e-cigarette kits and refillable pod devices.

High VG E-Liquid

High-VG eJuices are great at producing rich, flavoursome clouds when vaped on more powerful devices and lower resistance coils. Often called sub-ohm juices, High VG e-liquids only work best in advanced vape kits such as box mods and compatible tanks.

50:50 E-Liquids

E-cigarette liquids with an even ratio of PG and VG provide a perfect balance between delicious flavour and impressive cloud production with a smooth, satisfying throat hit. They’re ideal for use in starter kits and Pod Kits.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

Also known as “nic-salts”, Nicotine Salt juices use nicotine derived from natural nicotine salts. With a lower PH, these liquids allow for a higher concentration of nicotine to be vaped without a harsh throat hit. This makes nic salt juices an uncanny match for the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. Because they’re vaped on low wattage devices, Nic salt e-liquid is best for starter kits and refillable Pod Kits

What is the right nicotine strength 10ml e-liquid for you?

10ml ejuices are commonly available in nicotine volumes of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg and 18mg. Nic Salts typically come in bottles of 10mg and 20mg, as the lower PH formulation allows for a stronger concentration of nicotine to be vaped comfortably.

Because every vaper is different, and higher PG and nicotine levels can often produce a more intense throat sensation, we suggest trying e-liquids with a lower concentration of nicotine, testing the vape experience, and adjusting to higher nicotine juices if you don’t feel your cravings are satisfied enough.