Vape Coil Wire

Coil wire is an essential component for the DIY vaper who delights in building and customizing their own coils. At Vapestore, we cater to this craft with a variety of high-quality coil wires suited for different vaping styles and preferences.

Whether you're an experienced builder looking for advanced wire types to create complex builds or a beginner aiming to start with basic setups, our selection has you covered. We provide everything from Kanthal to stainless steel, nickel, and titanium options, allowing for a range of resistances and ramp-up times.

For those who chase flavour, temperature control wires offer a nuanced vaping experience, while those who favour cloud production might opt for wires that support high-wattage vaping. Embrace the artistry of coil building with our range of wires, and take control over every aspect of your vape.

Coil Wire

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