Refillable Vape Pod Kits

One of the easiest forms of vaping, refillable pod kits offer unparalleled convenience for those looking to have an easy to use kit that can work with a huge range of e-liquids. Simply fill up the refillable pod with the e-liquid of your choosing (making sure it’s compatible with the coil in the pod), plug it back into the pod mod, and away you go. These refillable pods often come with a great array of features including leak-proof protection, top filling designs, child safety locks, and more. Some pods come with in built coils, and other give you the flexibility of choosing from a selection of compatible coils. There’s a refillable pod kit to suit each type of vaping too, so no matter how you choose to vape you can make the most of the convenience that refillable pod kits offer.

Refillable Pod Kits

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  1. Crown X Pod Vape Kit

    Uwell Crown X Pod Vape Kit

    The Uwell Crown X Pod Kit is a sophisticated yet user-friendly pod system with a 1500mAh battery, 60W max output, and adjustable airflow, designed for an exceptional DTL and RDTL vaping experience.

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  2. Minican 3 Pro Pod Kit

    Aspire Minican 3 Pro Pod Kit

    Ultra-portable, super-satisfying pod kit with 900mAh battery. OLED display and compatibility with all Minican series pods

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  3. Novo Pro Pod Vape Kit

    SMOK Novo Pro Pod Vape Kit

    The Smok Novo Pro Pod Kit, offers a long-lasting 1300mAh battery & 30W max output, offers a versatile vape experience, perfect for both MTL & RDTL styles, complete with an adjustable airflow switch. 

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  4. Tech247 Pod Vape Kit

    SMOK Tech247 Pod Vape Kit

    The Smok TECH247 Pod Kit is a versatile vaping device with a 1800mAh internal battery and 30W output, smart mode, top airflow, and compatibility with M Series Coils for a tailored vaping experience.

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  5. Doric Galaxy Vape Kit

    VooPoo Doric Galaxy Vape Kit

    The Doric Galaxy Kit combines a 500mAh vape pen with an 1800mAh power bank for lengthy vaping sessions. Draw activation, wireless and magnetic charging, and a sleek design. Perfect for MTL vaping.

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  6. Doric Galaxy Vape Pen Pod Kit

    VooPoo Doric Galaxy Vape Pen Pod Kit

    The VooPoo Doric Galaxy Pen Pod Kit is a sleek, compact vaping device with a built-in 500mAh battery, offering 10W power output and LED light feedback, perfect for MTL vaping enthusiasts.

    One FREE Bar Salt E-Liquid
  7. Xlim SE 2 Pod Vape kit - Voice Edition

    Oxva Xlim SE 2 Pod Vape kit ‑ Voice Edition

    The stunning OXVA Xlim SE 2 Pod Kit offers a versatile vaping experience with its 1000mAh battery, voice broadcasting feature, and RGB marquee lighting. Perfect for both MTL and RDTL vapers.

    One FREE Bar Salt E-Liquid
  8. Argus Pro 2 Vape Kit

    VooPoo Argus Pro 2 Vape Kit

    Embrace a game-changing blend of style, performance & versatility with the Voopoo Argus Pro 2 Kit, featuring a 3000mAh battery, variable 5-80W power, & PnP X Pod, perfect for both MTL and DTL vapers.

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  9. Xros Pro Pod Vape Kit

    Vaporesso Xros Pro Pod Vape Kit

    Experience the cutting-edge Vaporesso XROS Pro Pod Kit, offering an unbeatable blend of power and convenience. This kit includes a 1200mAh battery, 2ml refillable pods, and adjustable airflow, perfect for MTL and RDTL vaping styles.

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  10. Veynom LX Pod Vape Kit

    Aspire Veynom LX Pod Vape Kit

    The Aspire Veynom LX Vape Kit offers an exceptional blend of power and style with a 3200mAh battery, 100W output, and LED customization, making it a top choice for versatile vaping experiences.

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  11. Doric E Pod Vape Kit

    VooPoo Doric E Pod Vape Kit

    The Voopoo Doric E Pod Kit is a sleek, versatile vaping device with a 1500mAh battery, 5-25W power range, and compatibly with Voopoo ITO coils, ideal for a satisfying MTL vaping experience.

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  12. Drag Nano 2 Pod Vape Kit Nebula Edition

    Drag Nano 2 Pod Vape Kit Nebula Edition

    Super-compact and stylish refillable 20W pod kit from Voopoo

    One FREE Bar Salt E-Liquids
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Are refillable vapes better than disposable ones?

Refillable vapes offer vapers more flexibility and control over their vaping experience compared to single-use disposable vape devices. With refillable pod vapes, you can choose from a huge variety of e-liquid flavours, types and strengths, and they are more environmentally friendly due to less plastic and battery waste. Plus they’re fun to use and you can choose from a huge selection of stylish devices to suit your individual needs.

How to refill a vape?

Refilling a reusable vape is simple. First, remove the pod from the device. Then, locate the refill port — it's usually sealed with a rubber or silicon stopper. Open it and carefully pour in your chosen e-liquid, making sure not to overfill. Replace the stopper and the pod, and let the e-liquid soak for about 5 minutes to prevent ‘dry hits’. Then you're ready to vape!

How long do refillable vapes last?

The lifespan of refillable vapes depends on your personal usage and their maintenance. Typically, a well-maintained refillable pod vape can last for several months to over a year. Regular cleaning and replacing pods or coils as needed can extend their life. Try to avoid leaving the device charging overnight and unsupervised as this can prematurely reduce the life of the battery.

What is the best refillable vape?

The best refillable vape is completely subjective and depends on your personal preference and what you need from a vape kit. Factors to consider are battery life, e-liquid capacity, ergonomics (form factor) and the type of e-liquid you tend to use. Popular options in the UK include models known for reliability and user-friendly features such as auto draw and automatic coil recognition.

Are refillable vapes cheaper than disposables?

Over time, refillable vapes can work out to be more cost-effective than disposable vapes. While the initial cost is typically higher, the ability to refill with e-liquid makes them cheaper over time, especially for regular vapers.

How do refillable vapes work?

Refillable vapes work by passing electricity through a coil in the pod which then heats the e-liquid contained in the pod to create vapour. They typically consist of a battery and a refillable pod. The battery powers the coil, which heats the e-liquid soaked into a wicking material in the pod, producing delicious, satisfying vapour.

Are reusable vapes healthier than disposable?

While no vaping product can be considered entirely 'healthy', reusable vapes might offer a slight edge in terms of health, as they allow for better monitoring of e-liquid ingredients and nicotine levels. Ultimately, vaping e-liquid is considered significantly safer than smoking traditional cigarettes and a great alternative for supporting your health, wellbeing and finances.

Is it worth getting a reusable vape?

Investing in a reusable vape is good investment for anyone who chooses to vape regularly. They offer better value for money, more flavour options, and less environmental impact compared to single-use disposables. Reusable vapes also allow for a more personalised vaping experience through a vast choice of devices.