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Innokin continues to be a pioneer and a trailblazer in the vape industry, consistently innovating with tanks like the Innokin Go S, T18E Pro, Zlide Top, and the Prism. These products are testaments to Innokin’s decade-long commitment to quality and performance in vaping technology. With a keen eye for design and functionality, Innokin tanks are engineered to deliver an unmatched vaping experience, setting the bar for reliability and satisfaction. The brand's dedication to excellence has cemented their reputation as a trusted name among vapers seeking durable and refined tanks, along with convenient replacement pods. Whether you’re a newcomer to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, Innokin's range of tanks offers something to every vaper to enhance their vaping experience.

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  1. Go Z Tank 2ml

    Innokin Go Z Tank 2ml

    Compact 2ml vape tank with adjustable airflow and 510 connection

  2. Go S Tank

    Innokin Go S Tank

    Replacement pod-style tank for the Innokin Go S

  3. Jem Tank 2ml

    Innokin Jem Tank 2ml

    An ideal tank for beginners from Vape pioneers Innokin

  4. Sensis Replacement Pod 2ml

    Innokin Sensis Replacement Pod 2ml

    Single Replacement Innokin Sensis Pod 2ml with 2 x coils

    1 x Pod
  5. T18E Pro Tank 2ml

    Innokin T18E Pro Tank 2ml

    Refillable 2ml Tank built for incredible MTL vaping

  6. MVP Replacement Pods 0.65ohm - 3 Pack

    Innokin MVP Replacement Pods 0.65ohm ‑ 3 Pack

    Innokin MVP Replacement Pod 3 pack

    3 x Pods
  7. Endura T18 II Prism Tank

    Innokin Endura T18 II Prism Tank

    New Endura T18 Prism Tank, great for 50/50 and High PG E-Liquids

  8. Endura T18-E Prism Tank

    Innokin Endura T18‑E Prism Tank

    Classic 2.0ml Tank with stainless steel and pyrex glass construction

  9. Z Force Tank 2ml

    Innokin Z Force Tank 2ml

    Stylish, durable and easy-to-use 2ml sub-ohm tank from Innokin with Top Fill system and adjustable airflow

  10. Prism Apex Tank

    Innokin Prism Apex Tank

    Sleek and stylish sub-ohm vape tank with convenient Top Fill System, Adjustable Airflow Control and compatibility with Prism Coils

  11. Zlide Top Vape Tank 2ml

    Innokin Zlide Top Vape Tank 2ml

    Sleek and stylish sub-ohm vape tank with convenient Top Fill System, Adjustable Airflow Control and compatibility with Z Coils

  12. Sceptre Replacement Pod [2ml]

    Innokin Sceptre Replacement Pod [2ml]

    Replaceable pod for Innokin Sceptre kit x 1

    1 x Pod
    Out of stock
  13. Prism T20s Vape Tank

    Innokin Prism T20s Vape Tank

    The Innokin Prism T20S Tank, featuring a 2ml e-liquid capacity and MTL inhale, is perfect for vapers seeking a quality vape experience with fixed dual airflow and top fill design.

  14. Zenith Minimal Vape Tank

    Innokin Zenith Minimal Vape Tank

    The Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal Tank, a 2ml versatile vape tank, designed for MTL and DTL vaping, offers ease of use with top-notch performance.

  15. GoMax Vape Tank

    Innokin GoMax Vape Tank

    The Innokin GoMax disposable tank offers effortless sub-ohm vaping with zero maintenance. Ideal for a powerful DTL experience, it's compatible with high VG e-liquids.

    Disposable Tank
  16. Kroma-Nova Empty Replacement Pod 2ml - 1 Pod

    Innokin Kroma‑Nova Empty Replacement Pod 2ml ‑ 1 Pod

    Experience seamless vaping with the Innokin Kroma-Nova Replacement Pod, featuring a 2ml capacity and a sliding top-fill design, perfect for your Kroma-Nova Kit.

    1 x Pod

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