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Vapestore carefully curates only the best e-liquid brands and e-liquid flavours with a range of TPD-compliant 10ml e-liquids and long-lasting shortfills. We pride ourselves on offering the very best premium e-liquids available in the UK. These include e-juices from iconic brands such as Vampire Vape, Double Drip, Vapouriz, Nasty Juice, Doozy Vape, Just Juice, Riot Squad, Zeus Juice, and many more.

It’s easy to find your vaping e-cigarette vape juices in whatever form you prefer. Whether that’s high VG e-liquid, high PG e-liquid, nic salts, 50/50 e-liquid, or shortfills in both 50ml e-liquid bottles and 100ml e-liquid bottles. We not only offer a great range of different flavours, but we also offer you the best deals. With numerous different premium vape juice 10ml deals such as 3 for £10, 4 for £10, and 3 for £12, as well as discounts on shortfill offers like 2 for £20 and 2 for £25 and vape kit bundles.  FREE UK Next Day Delivery on all orders over £20!



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  1. Vampire Vape Heisenberg E-Liquid 10ml

    Vampire Vape Heisenberg E‑Liquid 10ml

    Sweet, sharp Berries and icy-cool Menthol

    Mix & Match 4 for £10

    Envelop your senses in the ultimate menthol and fruity E-Liquid vape indulgence with this award-winning Vampire Vape Heisenberg E-Liquid that’s offering one of the most complex, rewarding and downright moreish vapes on the market today, and has has captured the hearts of vapers world wide

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What Is In Vape Juice?

E-liquid is a combination of both Propylene Glycol (referred to as PG), Vegetable Glycerine (referred to as VG), flavourings, and often nicotine. This liquid is then heated and evaporated into a vapour by a vape kit, also known as an e-cigarette device. This vapour is then inhaled which provides the vaper with an experience similar to smoking, but without the hundreds of harmful chemicals normally found in cigarettes. E-liquid is also known as Vape Juice, Vape Liquid, E-Cig Liquid, E-Liquid, E-Juice, or E-Cig Juice. Choosing the right e-liquid is central to vaping. It makes making the switch from smoking to vaping a smooth, flavourful and enjoyable experience.

Why is E-Liquid better than Tobacco & Cigarettes?

There are a lot of different things in cigarettes, in fact there are over 7000 different chemicals in traditional cigarettes, which can include more than 70 carcinogens, carbon monoxide, and arsenic which are all hugely harmful. E-Liquid contains only PG, VG, food-grade flavourings, and nicotine. In fact, Public Health England states that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. If you’re making the switch from tobacco cigarettes, why not check out our range of tobacco flavours.

What Flavour E-Liquid Is Right For Me?

This is one of the best parts of switching to vaping. There’s such a huge range of different flavours and flavour profiles that it’s entirely up to your own personal tastes and vaping preferences. For fans of menthol cigarettes we can recommend menthol e-liquids, or for regular cigarette users, then our tobacco e-liquid range will surely have something to suit your taste. For those that have a sweet tooth, then you have a whole range of confectionary flavoured e-liquids, or for those are keen on fruity flavours, then there’s a flavour for every type of fruit you can think of. There’s also comforting desert flavour e-liquids such as indulgent jam doughnuts, creamy custard e-liquids, or rich and aromatic coffee flavours. This is one of the most fun parts of taking up vaping as there are thousands of flavours to try, and there’s one out there just calling to be your new favourite flavour. You’ll see the term ‘All Day Vape’ used in describing e-liquids, because the best flavour e-liquid for you is likely one that you can vape all day and not get sick of! If you’re looking for some flavour inspiration, check out our featured products in our e-liquid category.

What Strength E-Liquid Should I Use?

If you’re making the switch from cigarettes then you can get a rough idea for your ideal nicotine strength by looking at how many cigarettes you smoke per day. Generally if you’re a heavy smoker (15 - 20+ per day) then a high strength such as 18mg - 20mg will do well for you. Whereas a light smoker who smokes less than 10 cigarettes a day can probably find their ideal strength in a 3mg - 6mg e-liquid. If you’re somewhere in the middle then we’d recommend a strength ranging from 6mg - 12mg. The goal is to curb those pesky nicotine cravings so it might be worth experimenting a little to find your perfect nicotine strength.

What Are Nicotine Salt E-Liquids?

Also known as Nic Salt E-Liquids, these e-liquids use a slightly different formulation of nicotine than other forms of e-liquids. The nicotine in nic salts is derived from natural nicotine salts. This means a higher concentration of nicotine can be vaped without a super harsh throat hit, meaning you can vape higher strengths whilst still maintaining a smooth and flavourful vaping experience. This is perfect for a heavy smoker looking to switch to vaping as they match the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. They are vaped on low wattage vape kits which means they’re perfect for vape starter kits and also refillable pod kits.

What Is Freebase Nicotine?

Freebase nicotine is used in a huge range of e-liquids and is the most popular form of nicotine. It’s the same kind of nicotine you would find in cigarettes. Compared to nicotine salts, freebase nicotine provides a stronger and more noticeable throat hit that is usually preferred by heavy smokers or people that have just made the switch to vaping. This type of nicotine takes a little longer to have an effect on your when compared to nicotine salts. Freebase nicotine containing e-liquids tend to come in strengths ranging from 3mg to 18mg.

What Are Shortfill E-Liquids?

Due to the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive in 2016, e-liquids that contain nicotine can only be sold in units of 10ml e-liquid bottles. This can be a hassle as if you like to keep a nice size stash of e-liquid, as you’ll end up with a load of 10ml bottles. Shortfill e-liquids offer a simple solution that saves money, but also saves wasted packaging. Shortfill bottles contain regular e-liquid, but completely nicotine free. They usually come in bottles containing 50ml or 100ml of liquid, with enough room in the bottle to add a Nicotine Shot that will add nicotine strength to your e-liquid. For example, if you have a 60ml shortfill bottle with 50ml of e-liquid in it, you can add a 10ml nicotine shot at 18mg strength. This will achieve 60ml of e-liquid at 3mg strength. For more information on calculating shortfill strengths, check out our handy guide here. We have a great range of shortfill e-liquid deals, and many of them come with a free nicotine shot for even better value. Shortfills usually come in high VG formula and work well in sub ohm devices. At Vapestore, we have great Shortfill E-Liquids deals and many come with a free nicotine e-liquid for even better value.

What Is High VG E-Liquid?

E-liquids that have a higher ratio of VG to PG are known as High VG e-liquid, or sub ohm e-liquid. These vape juices are thicker in consistency than PG-heavy juices are so are excellent for cloud production when vaped. Because these are thicker e-liquids, they need higher power, advanced devices to generate enough heat to vapourise them. These devices require high-power and low resistance type vape kits. This makes them suitable for those that love huge flavour and even bigger clouds. There’s a degree of customisability that comes with advanced vape kits, in that you can choose different box mods with compatible tanks and coils to completely tailor your sub ohm vaping experience.

What Is High PG E-Liquid?

PG is the best carrier for flavour, so this is a perfect choice for those looking for a super flavourful vape juice. These e-liquids are a thinner consistency than high VG e-liquids, and are perfect for low powered devices such as vape pens, classic style kits, starter kits, and refillable pod kits. This type of e-liquid usually comes in 10ml bottles in a wide variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.

What Are 50/50 E-Liquids?

This type of e-liquid is right in the middle of High VG and High PG e-liquids, with an even ratio of PG to VG, hence the name 50/50. This type of e-liquid hits the sweet spot of plenty of flavour and impressive cloud production and work well in almost every type of vape kit, meaning it’s the most versatile type of e-liquid. We have hundreds of different flavours of 50/50 in a great range of different multibuy offers so you can stock up and save.

What Are The Best E-Liquid Brands?

In such a competitive industry, there’s so many brands vying to be your favourite flavour that’s a staple in your vape kit. That’s what makes Vapestore your best destination for premium e-liquid in the UK as we only source from the very top brands that distinguish themselves on both flavour, and the quality of ingredients in their vape liquids.

You’ll find some of the biggest names in the industry for e-liquids across our store, including notable brands like Vampire Vape, Double Drip, Vapouriz, Nasty Juice, Doozy Vape, Just Juice, Riot Squad, Zeus Juice, Pukka Juice and many more.

What Is TPD Compliance And Why Is It Important?

TPD stands for The Tobacco Products Directive, which is a legislation signed by the EU and the UK that regulates the vaping industry and the kinds of products – especially those that contain nicotine – to consumers in the UK and the EU. The legislation dictates what volumes of nicotine vape fluid can be sold in. For example nicotine containing e-liquids can only be sold in bottles of no more than 10mls. The directive also decides the maximum strength that e-liquid can be sold in, as well as how much e-liquid a tank or pod can hold. The TPD standard for tanks and pods is 2mls maximum.

Why Vapestore?

We’ve been in the vaping business for over a decade, and as the industry leader for the UK we create and source only the best vape liquid UK wide as well as fantastic juices from overseas. We ensure that all our e-liquid is TPD compliant and is tested at our Vapouriz labs in Surrey, UK. Vapestore is the best vape shop online UK thanks to our immense range of flavours, Vape Kits, electronic cigarettes, and UK vape deals. Shop e-liquid deals in Vapestore Outlet and grab yourself a bargain in our e liquid sale UK. For all the latest news about e-liquids and vape kits visit the Vapestore blog.