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Ever since they established in 2013, Aspire very quickly became a major player in the vaping world. Renowned for their high-quality products with attractive and unique designs, Aspire might release fewer products than their direct competitors, but each product is carefully considered and designed with evolution in mind.

Here at Vapestore we’re fully-stocked with all of Aspire’s standout products and bestsellers, which combined with our expert knowledge, will instantly enhance the performance of your e-cigarette setup.


Concerned with the development and evolution of their products, Aspire tend to release less frequently than competitors such as Smok and Innokin. However, this is to allow for the obvious growth and progression of each product and to develop the aesthetic details which are often overlooked by other manufacturers in favour of functionality.

Aspire products successfully do both: they are extremely functional and high-performing, whilst also looking incredibly stylish. The Aspire PockeX, for instance, was one of the first mainstream kits to cater to female tastes and offered a prettier alternative to the bulky, macho devices which were dominating the market at the time. The PockeX was available in an attractive rose gold finish and helped to bridge the gap where female customers were being overlooked, without being too overtly feminine in appearance.

It is this kind of customer consideration which has allowed Aspire to become one of the most favoured hardware brands in the UK, and indeed worldwide.


The Aspire PockeX range was heralded not just for its appeal to a female market, but also for its amazing performance, consistent reliability and affordable pricing. With a 1500mAh internal battery and impeccable mouth-to-lung delivery, the PockeX was an ideal bit of kit for ex-smokers or those looking to progress on from disposable cig-a-likes. The kit provided everything needed for simple, immediate vaping, including a high-performance tank and 0.6ohm atomizer coils. All that was required of the user was to simply fill the tank with their e-liquid of choice - and go! This allowed novice vapers to experience sub ohm vaping in an accessible, inclusive way, taking the confusion out of the practise and making it available for all rather than just a select few.

The Aspire CF battery which came equipped with the Atlantis tank was the first sub ohm device to be stocked by Vapestore. With its carbon fibre finish and generous 2000mAh battery, the CF was solid and reliable, and set the standard for premium sub ohm kits to follow. Despite being considered a rudimentary kit by today’s standards, the CF had an array of safety features which belie its advancing age. An LED light indicated low battery status, whilst built-in overcharge protection features automatically ceased charging when the battery reached 4.25volts. These features were accompanied by over discharge protection, atomizer short circuit protection and charger short circuit protection, which helped to ensure user peace of mind and offered greater safety than many other early sub ohm kits available at the time.

The Nautilus tank is another exemplary and iconic product from the Aspire range. Released in 2014, the Nautilus is still considered one of the best-rated mouth-to-lung tanks available on the market, and features revolutionary BVC coils which are still used in current devices. The Aspire BVC coils completely redefined the workings of ceramic coils, as rather than building the coil horizontally the coils were fashioned vertically and located the bottom of the tank. This allowed for more effective e-liquid absorption, even when the e-liquid level was low, and in turn helped to safeguard against dry hits. You can still find the Nautilus tank and its successor the Nautilus 2 stocked by most vape purveyors, even in spite of its four-year age: a true testament to its amazing performance and unwavering reliability.


The PockeX will always be considered a standout kit from Aspire, but in recent times they have made the successful move into salt-based pod kits. Kits of this nature utilise pre-filled or refillable pods in place of a traditional tank, and most operate via a one-click system – doing away with the need to adjust settings like wattage and airflow. Some pod kits are referred to as ‘open systems’, which means the e-liquid-containing pods are refillable and can, therefore, be filled with your e-liquid of choice and used again and again. On the other hand, ‘closed’ pod systems operate more like a cig-a-like device because the pods come pre-filled with e-liquid and are disposed of once they are empty.

Aspire have created a number of highly-effective pod kits, the most successful being the Aspire Spryte and the Breeze and Breeze 2 Crossover kit. Unlike most pod systems, the highly-portable Spryte kit features adjustable airflow for a completely tailored vaping experience. A simple push and click system allows for easy pod replacement, and a removable protective cap ensures the mouthpiece stays clean when the device is not in use.  With their simple, sleek design the Aspire Breeze kits are ideal for new vapers, and the refillable pods can be loaded with your e-liquid of choice. The Breeze 2 kit comes with two interchangeable coils rated at 1.0 and 0.6ohms to facilitate both classic and sub-ohm vaping, making it an extremely versatile and adaptable kit no matter what style of vaping you prefer.

If you’re looking for the ideal e-liquid to use with our range of Aspire pod kits at Vapestore, why not try one of our delicious Vapouriz 50:50 liquids? This range is especially well-suited for use with the Aspire Breeze Crossover, as they work amazingly well with both coils provided with the kit and you don’t need to worry about changing your e-liquid to suit each coil.

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