Best Starter Vape Kits

Getting started on your vaping journey can be a very confusing prospect. With so much technical lingo to sift through and constant references to ohms law, resistance ranges and voltage outputs, you could be forgiven for thinking you need a physics degree just to take up the practise…

But before you dismiss vaping as an elitist hobby which requires specialist knowledge to become an exclusive member, let us help to provide some clarity on the best basic kits to get you going.

First off, it's worth outlining the different types of devices you’re likely to come across when shopping for your first starter kit. A ‘classic’ kit, sometimes referred to as a ‘plus-ohm’ kit, is a basic e-cigarette setup which is usually slim, compact and similar in form to a pen. Classic kits use coils with a resistance of 1ohm or higher and are compatible with PG-dominant e-liquids.

Classic Kits

A classic kit tends to be the choice of new vapers looking to replace a tobacco habit as the inhalation style is similar to that of a traditional cigarette. When using a classic kit, you must first draw the vapour into your mouth and then down into the lungs rather than breathing the vapour directly into your lungs, as is the case with other styles of kit. Another aspect which makes classic kits a great option for the novice vaper is their simple, straightforward design and uncomplicated nature of operation. Generally, the use of a classic starter kit requires little to no previous experience or knowledge of vaping to get up and running.

Vapouriz Fuse Kit

The Vapouriz FUSE kit has reached iconic status in the classic vaping world thanks to its consistent, reliable nature and easy usability. The award-winning Vapouriz FUSE kit boasts the very latest in electronic cigarette technology and is perhaps one of the most recognisable and iconic classic kits out there. The perfect option for classic vaping and smoking cessation, the FUSE is slimline, stylish and extremely easy to operate for the novice vaper with no complicated settings to adjust. Simply click the power button five times in quick succession to power the device on or off and easily observe your e-liquid levels through the clear, robust clearomizer (tank) included with the kit.

We recommend pairing the FUSE kit with one of our sumptuous, satisfying Vapouriz Classic e-liquids which are available in a variety of flavours to suit all tastes. We also have a selection of tobacco-flavoured classic e-liquids to effectively replace the taste sensation of a traditional tobacco cigarette, making the swap easier than ever before.

Vapouriz x Innokin V-Mini Kit

The V-Mini Plus Ohm Kit is the result of an exciting collaboration between Vapouriz and industry giant Innokin, culminating in a sleek, compact and seriously-stylish bit of kit. With its simple operation and quick, easy personalisation functions, The V-Mini is a perfect option for new vapers looking for a classic kit with some added punch.

Specifically designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, the V-Mini boasts several wattage variations for a perfectly-tailored vape every time. Choose from power settings of 10w to 13.5w to suit your e-liquid of choice, whilst viewing all of your power and battery settings on a clear, comprehensible LED display. Opt for a lower wattage if you prefer a cooler vape, and a higher wattage to facilitate huge cloud production and amazing flavour.

The V-Mini is compatible with both classic e-liquids and 50/50 e-liquid, so why not browse our exclusive range of Vapouriz-own liquids to find your perfect flavour? We’ve got mind-blowing menthols, succulent fruits, indulgent desserts and everything in between in our Vapouriz Premium and Vapouriz 50/50 ranges.

Innokin Endura T18-II

The Endura T18-II from Innokin is the updated model of the popular Endura T18 and proudly bears the title of one of the world’s bestselling vape devices.

With a battery capacity of 1300mAh, the T18-II boasts 30% more capacity than its T18 predecessor making for some serious cloud production and amazing flavour payoff for its compact size.  Unlike most pen-style kits which generally only have pre-set modes, the T18-II allows you to select your preferred heat and airflow settings from a variety of options for a tailored vape which suits your exact preferences.

Three LED lights located above the firing button indicate battery status each time you draw on the device, letting you know exactly when it’s time to recharge. The mouthpiece is kept clean and hygienic thanks to a magnetic cover which conveniently attaches to the bottom of the device when not in use.

The Endura T18-II performs best with classic e-liquids with a VG content of 60% or lower, such as our Vapouriz classic and Vapouriz 50/50 ranges. Browse our extensive selection of e-liquids and find a delicious companion for your Endura T18-II kit.

Sub Ohm Kits

Another style of vape which will likely crop up again and again in your search results when hunting for a starter kit is known as ‘sub ohm’ and refers to an e-cigarette device which uses coils with a resistance range of less than 1ohm. Kits and coils of this nature are best suited to high-VG e-liquids which are thicker in consistency than classic liquids and favoured for their intense flavour profiles. Sub ohm vaping can sometimes be considered as more of a hobbyist practise than a means to smoking cessation, as sub ohm e-liquids are often sold nicotine-free so that the user can enjoy the flavour of the e-liquid rather than experiencing relief from cravings. If desired, nicotine can be added to the sub ohm e-liquid by the user with the use of a nicotine shot.

Aspire PockeX AIO

The Aspire PockeX is the ultimate All-in-One (AIO) vape kit and is a great beginner’s sub-ohm device to get you started on your vaping journey. The PockeX comes with a pre-installed 0.6ohm stainless steel Nautilus X U-Tech coil for amazing flavour payoff when used with any sub ohm e-juice, whilst a wide bore drip tip and large air flow system delivers fantastically-thick vapour production.

Aspire Cygnet Revvo

Aspire’s stunning Cygnet kit is powered by a single 18650 battery, offering a maximum output of 80 watts and an unbelievably comfortable vaping experience.

The curved edges of the Cygnet make this an extremely ergonomic kit, fitting snugly in the hand and pocket for amazing portability.

A variety of safety features help to ensure a secure vaping experience, keeping you well-protected both during vaping and when travelling with the kit. Some of these peace-of-mind enhancing features include automatic cutoff, over-discharge protection, overheat protection and short-circuit protection. The Cygnet also supports various modes including Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage and Bypass modes.

The Cygnet kit comes complete with the innovative Revvo Mini tank which boasts a fully adjustable top airflow system, drawing air down, over and around the coil to effectively maximise vapour and flavour production.

The Cygnet Revvo is compatible with all high-VG sub ohm e-liquids.

Smok Species Kit

Another great starter sub ohm kit is Smok’s hugely-popular Species kit. Driven by dual 18650 batteries, the brand-new Species kit from Smok is capable of producing a massive 230 watts of output power for massive vapour clouds loaded with delicious flavour.

An upgraded user interface delivers state of the art vaping technology which can be monitored via a 1.45'' high-definition touch screen. The screen displays such information as battery status, puff monitoring and intelligent atomiser recognition and also allows you to scroll through a selection of safety features. These features include a 10-second cut-off function, over-heating and over-discharge protection and short-circuit protection – all of which contribute to a safer, more reliable vaping experience.

The Species is supplied with the successful TFV8 Baby V2 tank, which has a huge selection of compatible coil options depending on the type of vape you prefer.

Pod Kits

Pod kits are another great option for individuals who don’t currently have a great deal of vaping knowledge and are looking to give up their traditional tobacco habit. A pod kit is a lightweight, portable device which uses pre-filled or refillable pods in place of a standard tank. Pre-filled pods generally contain a high nicotine or nic salt e-liquid, making them a great choice for anyone looking to quit smoking. Some pod kits feature refillable pods which can be filled with your e-liquid of choice and generally perform best with a classic, 50/50 or nic salt e-liquid.

So now that we’ve established the different styles of starter vape kits, we can begin to advise you on the best kits on the market from each category and delve into which kits specifically would be ideally suited to your personal needs.

Smok Nord Kit

The Nord kit from Smok is an ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight pod kit which looks just as good as it performs.

A 1100mAh battery powers this small but capable device, creating generous vapour production and amazing flavour when used with any classic or nic salt e-liquid.

The Nord offers fantastic versatility with two compatible coils included in the kit. The Nord Mesh coil has a resistance of 0.6ohms and is perfect for direct lung vaping, while the Nord regular coil offers a resistance of 1.4ohms which is more suited to the mouth-to-lung style of vaping similar to that of a traditional cigarette.

Smok SLM Kit

This impossibly-light all-in-one kit pod system is another great option for new vapers looking to make the switch from traditional tobacco. With an integrated 250mAh battery, the SLM is slender but powerful and comfortably generates big vapour clouds and intense flavour with any classic or nic salt e-liquid. The SLM is activated by simply inhaling on the device, completely doing away with the need for awkward firing buttons. An LED indicator light located on the front of the device keeps you informed of your battery status, flashing four times in quick succession to alert you to low battery and remaining sold white to indicate vapour being produced during inhalation.

The SLM is perfect for anyone looking for a satisfying mouth-to-lung vaping experience similar to the inhalation style of a traditional cigarette. With its slimline design and feather-light weight, the SLM is a great on-the-go kit, fitting perfectly into your pocket or bag for quick access to keep your cravings satisfied.


The JUUL starter kit has taken the UK vape market by storm with its simple user interface, consistently-satisfying vapour delivery and instant relief from pesky nicotine cravings. The Juul boasts everything a smoker needs to make the switch and is extremely easy to use thanks to its ‘no button’ interface and complete absence of confusing settings to adjust.

The Juul uses 2ml e-liquid pods pre-filled with a choice of four deliciously-satisfying flavours: Golden Tobacco, Glacier Mint, Mango Nectar, Apple Orchard and Royal Crème. Each pod should last roughly 200 puffs: the equivalent of 20 tobacco cigarettes.

Crossover Vape Kits

A ‘crossover’ kit is a vape device which can accommodate both classic and sub ohm coil options, giving you the freedom to swap the coils according to the style of vaping you would like to experience.

Vapouriz V-Switch

Compact, lightweight and fabulously-versatile, the V-Switch packs plenty of choice into a simple, easy to navigate interface. In place of a traditional LED screen, the V-Switch features one power button and a single mode button which allows you to scroll effortlessly through three pre-set wattage levels. Three colour LED lights indicate your current wattage setting, with a low option of 13-14w, a middle option of 16-18w, and a higher setting of 30-35w. The lower and middle wattage options are ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping and mimic the restricted draw one might experience when smoking a cigarette. The higher wattage option creates the cool draw synonymous with sub-ohm vaping, generating thick clouds of vapour and intense, rich flavour.

Because the V-Switch is capable of alternating between classic and sub-ohm wattage settings, you have the freedom to use any PG/VG ratio e-liquid with this device. Browse our extensive collection for classic Vapouriz Premium liquids, and flavourful sub ohm options from our Double Drip, Pure Evil and Ohm Baked series. If you fancy something in-between, be sure to check out our brand-new Vapouriz 50/50 range, which is an equal blend of Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. This formulation creates a perfect base for enviably-thick clouds bursting with clear, full-bodied flavour.

Aspire Zelos II Kit

The Zelos 2.0 kit from Aspire is a simple yet powerful device capable of offering up to 50 watts using either a sub ohm or classic coil. Following on from the massive success of the original Zelos kit, the 2.0 version boasts a variety of modes to suit your particular style of vaping including VV, VW, Bypass and various TC modes.

The 2.0 kit also includes the new and improved tank Nautilus 2S tank which features redesigned airflow adjustment to accommodate various coil options and your preferred amount of vapour and flavour intensity. For a tighter draw when using a classic coil for mouth-to-lung vaping, simply turn the airflow dial to select the smaller holes. To achieve a looser draw which produces thick vapour when using a sub ohm coil, turn the airflow channel so that the slot is completely open and enjoy seriously fluffy clouds of intense flavour.