Easter E-liquid Flavours

It’s not just chocolate fans who get to enjoy a visit from the Easter bunny – vapers can too, with tasty e-liquids!

We take a look at some of the perfect e-liquid flavours for Easter, including chocolate and sweet treat flavours.

Classic Chocolate

Let’s start with the quintessential taste of Easter – smooth, rich, creamy chocolate. If there’s something to truly indulge yourself with this weekend it’s a chocolate e-liquid, and thankfully there are plenty of e-liquids out there to satisfy a sweet tooth. Best of all, chocolate e-liquids come with none of the calories of a chocolate bunny, so can be enjoyed without guilt!

Vapouriz Pure Chocolate e-liquid is just the thing to hit the chocolate spot. It’s indulgent, sweet and creamy, with a high PG level for great flavour and a good throat hit. The chocolate e-liquid is made right here in the UK from high quality ingredients sourced from within the EU.

The Loaded Smores E-Juice by Ruthless is a real Easter treat. It’s made for sub-ohm vapers, and will give you huge clouds and great flavours. You’ll be treated to the taste of sugary cinnamon graham crackers, milk chocolate and melted marshmallows for a smooth, gooey, chocolatey e-liquid delight.

Sweet Satisfaction

If you’re not a big fan of chocolate at Easter but like to tickle those sweet taste buds, there are lots of sugar-free e-liquids to please.

The FAR Candy Punch E-Liquid is a high VG e-liquid made by South Florida’s Element e-liquids. The superior taste of rainbow candy is just for grown ups, but it will take you right back to your childhood and memories of the school tuckshop.

The delicious Pride E-Liquid by Pure Evil is a UK made, max-VG concoction for lots of sweet vapour clouds. The Pride e-liquid is a cooling, tasty blend of butterscotch, toffee and menthol, giving a unique hit for sub-ohm vapers.

Los Angeles based Mad Hatter has created the satisfyingly sweet I Love Cookies E-Liquid. It’s a great all-round vape e-liquid which mixes the taste of freshly baked cookies, a glass of milk, hint of strawberry and smattering of caramel, making it a delicious treat for Easter.

Tasty Treats

There are more grown-up e-liquid flavours out there for you to give in to at Easter.

You could try a breakfast style e-liquid for a sweet and tasty start to the day, like the Blueberry Pancakes E-Liquid by Pocket Fuel. It mixes the flavours of fluffy pancakes, sticky syrup and moist blueberries together in a max VG e-liquid for sub-ohm cloud chasers.

Or if you're more of a waffle person, check out Strawberry Banana Waffle Coil Sauce from Double Drip - it's a max VG mix of freshly baked waffles topped with juicy strawberries & banana with a hint of vanilla for a sweet and satifying vape.

You’ll find even more sweet Easter treats on our website, giving you plenty of ways to spoil yourself without ever hunting in the garden for chocolate eggs!