Quit Smoking Checklist - Make a Plan

Whether this is your first attempt to quit smoking, or you’ve previously tried to quit, quitting smoking can be a daunting prospect.

Statistically only 4% of people who attempt to quit without any form of cessation aid manage to stay cigarette free after a year. So, deciding which smoking cessation aid to use before you start is important.

Increasingly, people looking to quit smoking are switching to vaping, so planning your switch to vaping is one of the easiest ways to make sure you have best chance of quitting smoking for good. Start by doing some research into which kit and which liquid is right for you BEFORE you make the switch.

As well as choosing a kit, a good way to give yourself a winning chance of quitting for good is preparing your surroundings and removing anything that might tempt you back to smoking.

Simple tasks such as eliminating any trace of cigarette usage or paraphernalia in your house will cut down on potential triggers and cravings. Washing carpets, curtains, sheets, the inside of your car, and furniture can remove lingering smoky odours.

Only you know what triggers you to reach for a cigarette, so having things prepared for places or times you would usually find yourself smoking is great for deflecting cravings. For example, if you know you are about to find yourself in a situation where you would normally smoke make sure you take your new vape kit with you. Healthy snacks such as dried fruit or nuts are also recommended for a little added health boost whilst keeping your mind off cigarettes.

To help you become smoke free we have prepared a simple checklist to help you before you start:

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