What are Disposable Puff Bars?

The latest exciting trend in vaping promises all the flavour and satisfaction of your favourite vaping kits with none of the fuss. But what exactly are Puff Bars and are they truly the ultimate in vaping convenience?

The thrill of vaping doesn’t begin and end at the moment you draw on your favourite vape kit, inhaling a rich-tasting and satisfying cloud of smooth vapour. For many vapers, the joy is in the kit itself, experimenting with flavours, tanks, coils, airflow, wattage, and configuring your starter kit, pod kit or high-powered box mods to find that ideal intensity of flavour and draw.

But, just like vape devices and e-liquids, not all vapers were created equal, and our needs vary a great deal. For some, the customisation and experimentation many vape kits offer can feel like an impediment to a great-tasting nicotine fix and the quick, satisfying relief from cravings that vaping provides. For others, carrying a vape kit around, no matter how compact and lightweight, is far from ideal, especially if they find their device has little to no battery life left to see them through a day or evening.

Its these vapers that the industry has been listening to carefully recently, and has met the demand for a no-nonsense, fuss-free and foolproof vape experience with a wave of new disposable devices known as ‘Puff Bars’.

What are Puff Bars?

Disposable, one use, vape devices, or ‘Puff Bars’, come pre-charged and pre-filled with a rich, flavoursome e-liquid and are ready to vape straight from the packaging. Designed to be as slim, sleek and lightweight as possible, many puff bars are no bigger than a pen making them incredibly easy to carry around.

The concept of Puff Bars isn’t exactly new or even all that revolutionary. Similar devices appeared at the very birth of vaping nearly two decades ago, but fell from favour when vape kits became more sophisticated. Fortunately, as technology has improved, our modern puff bars now offer all the satisfaction and performance of contemporary vape kits.

Although puff counts differ from one brand to the next, most puff bars are calibrated to provide around 300-400 puffs, roughly equivalent to a pack of 20 traditional cigarettes. Depending upon how much you used to smoke, a single puff bar could last you a solid day or several.

When your puff bar reaches the end of its life, you simply dispose of it and replace with a new one. And if, as is likely, puff bars provide the smoothest transition to vaping for many smokers, they make a great jumping off point to explore the wealth of other, more advanced vaping devices that exist at Vapestore.

What kind of E-liquid do Puff Bars use?

You’ll find most puff bars contain a nicotine salt e-liquid solution. Nicotine Salts differ from regular freebase nicotine commonly found in traditional e-liquids, in that their low PH allows for a higher strength of nicotine while remaining easy on the throat and comfortable to vape. This makes ‘nic salt’ eliquids a great choice for newer vapers; those who may have only recently quit cigarettes, as they offer a faster, stronger means to satisfy cravings.

Since Puff Bars so perfectly mimic the form, weight and action of traditional cigarettes, it makes sense for producers to use nicotine salt e-liquid to provide vapers with the most immediate form of nicotine relief.

Who are Puff Bars for?

The appeal of disposable puff bars is incredibly straightforward. They’re perfect for smokers who are curious about vaping but who might be unsure how to start. Puff bars are a fantastic way to enjoy vaping without having to learn anything about coils, tanks, wicks, wattages, resistances or any of the vaping minutiae that consumes many vapers (like us), making them a simple, satisfying solution for just about anyone.

Many experienced vapers sing the praises of carrying a ‘stealth vape’ with them as often as possible. These are often low-powered starter or pod kits which produce very little vapour, making them ideal for a quick, discreet puff among crowds or in situations where a rich, rolling cloudbank would be unlikely to win you many friends. Well, vape kits simply don’t come stealthier than the handy Puff Bar. They disappear into any pocket, ready to take out for a quick, satisfying and discreet puff whenever they’re needed.

For the ultimate combination of flavour, satisfaction and convenience, Dinner Lady’s Disposable vape pen is a vape device that’s hard to beat. Prefilled with some of Dinner Lady’s most celebrated nic salt e-liquid flavours, in a sleek, stylish and durable aluminium shell, this super-compact vape pen is the perfect device to take your favourite flavours with you wherever you go.

The new Geekbar from vape giants Geekvape is their simplest vape yet. Prefilled with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid, the Geekbar delivers incredible flavour and instant relief from nicotine cravings while the autodraw feature perfectly simulates taking a puff on a cigarette, making the device ideal for newer vapers as well as those looking for an incredibly lightweight and portable vape.

The new all-in-one Mbar from Smok makes vaping more convenient and accessible than ever before. Incredibly discreet and lightweight, the Mbar’s sleek form factor makes it ideal for vaping on the go. To use the Mbar you simply take a puff as you would on a cigarette and enjoy fantastic flavour and immediate relief from nicotine cravings thanks to the e-liquid’s 50% VG and 50% PG ratio and salt nicotine formulation.

Nasty Juice are one of the best loved names in vaping, and their new line of convenient disposable vape devices are one of the simplest ways to enjoy their exquisite eliquid flavours. The Nasty Fix disposable kit offers an incredibly discreet and portable device powered by a 280mAh battery and operated simply by drawing on the mouthpiece, just as you would a traditional cigarette.

The super-convenient and ultra-discreet Puff bar is a collaboration between vape innovators ULTD and Beco, and puts incredible flavour and performance into the hands of anyone curious about vaping for the first time, or those just seeking a sleek, portable and simple to use vape to that can go everywhere they do.

The Beco Bar from Vapourcore is a super-compact, discreet and lightweight disposable vape device filled with smooth, satisfying nicotine salt-based e-liquid. Incredibly simple to use, simply draw on the bar as you would a cigarette. And there's no need to refill your Beco Bar with e-liquid, just dispose of the bar when the e-liquid is used up and replace.