TACJA Nicotine Pouches by Elf Bar

Tacja have consistently remained one of the top producers of Snus, or Nicotine Pouches, in the world, perfecting the unique Swedish approach to smoking cessation with a collection of fabulously flavourful pouches. With 8 mouth-watering flavours including sweet and juicy fruits like Lemon Mango, and novel takes on classic mint flavours such as Spearmint and crisp Menthol, there’s a Tacja nic pouch made to suit every palate. Each tobacco-free pouch is made from a sustainable blend of gum and plant-based ingredients and sits comfortably and discreetly behind the lips to release a satisfying, long-lasting dose of nicotine in a variety of strengths. Soothe your cravings while experiencing a concentrated wave of blissful flavour with Elf Bar Tacja’s astonishing flavoured Nicotine Pouches.



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What are TACJA Nicotine Pouches?

Elf Bar TACJA Nicotine Pouches are innovative, tobacco-free alternatives crafted in Sweden and inspired by traditional snus. They are made from a blend of gum and plant-based ingredients, offering a smooth, enduring flavour. TACJA pouches are available in a variety of strengths and flavours, making them a great option for those looking to reduce or replace vaping or traditional smoking and cigarettes.

How to Use TACJA Nicotine Pouches?

Using Elf Bar TACJA Nicotine Pouches is simple, satisfying and straightforward. Simply place a pouch gently between your lip and gum. You'll start to feel a refreshing, tingly sensation almost immediately. The nicotine absorption will last for about 15 to 30 minutes, providing a consistent and satisfying experience. If you find the tingle sensation a little uncomfortable, then swap to a lower strength pouch.

Are TACJA Nicotine Pouches Safe?

While TACJA nicotine pouches are generally considered a safer alternative compared to smoking, as they are 100% tobacco-free and don’t involve combustion as with traditional cigarettes, they still contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. It is important to use Elf Tacja pouches responsibly and as intended.

How Long Do TACJA Nicotine Pouches Last?

Each TACJA nicotine pouch offers a long-lasting flavour experience that can persist for up to 30-40 minutes. This duration ensures a steady and satisfying release of nicotine, and with 20 pouches per pack, there are plenty of pouches to see you through many days based upon your personal use.

How Much Nicotine is in a TACJA Pouch?

The nicotine content in a TACJA pouch varies depending on the strength chosen: Regular: 12 mg/g, delivering 6mg of nicotine per pouch; Medium: 18 mg/g, providing 9mg per pouch; Strong: 20 mg/g, equating to 11mg of nicotine per pouch. Which strength you choose should be based upon your previous nicotine consumption e.g. how many cigarettes you smoked.

Are TACJA Nicotine Pouches Less Harmful Than Cigarettes?

TACJA Nicotine Pouches are a less harmful alternative to cigarettes since they are tobacco-free and do not involve the inhalation of smoke. However, they do contain nicotine, which is addictive. If you have any concerns, speak to your doctor or healthcare professional.

How Long Does It Take for TACJA Nicotine Pouches to Work?

You will begin to feel the effects of TACJA Nicotine Pouches almost immediately after placing the pouch between your lip and gum. The tingling sensation and nicotine release start quickly, with the entire experience lasting between 30-40 minutes.