UD Nichrome Vape Coil Wire

This vape coil wire will allow you to build high performance coils for your e-cigarette

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Nichrome Vape Coil Wire

Build reliable, high-performance coils for your e-cigarette with UD's nichrome vape coil wire. Using a blend of nickel and chrome, nichrome wire has a loser resistance per inch than kanthal at the same gauge. This allows mechanical mod users to achieve higher wattage from the same build, heating the coil faster and helping to create massive vapour.

Technical Details:

10m spools
Long lasting


0.40mm *10m/roll, 26 AWG
0.50mm *10m/roll, 24 AWG

About UD

Manufactured in China by Youde Technology, UD is an industry-leading line of e-cig hardware and accessories that's committed to providing affordable, high-performance products.